Arts & Humanities

UChicago’s art departments and institutions are offering a rich array of diverse and inclusive activities and events that allow students to connect, collaborate, and create while observing the UChicago Health Pact. The experiential and playful programming is designed to enrich students’ mental and emotional life, and bring levity and even a measure of relief during the winter months.

Upcoming Events

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Arts & Humanities Events At-A-Glance

  • Decameron Redux: Jan. 19-Mar. 19*
  • Poetry Reading & Conversation with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski: Feb. 6
  • History & Forms of Lyric Lecture: Feb. 8
  • Ron Offen Poetry Prize Reading: Feb. 17
  • On the Cusp: Making Work Move & Matter: Feb. 22
  • Poetry Reading with Christopher Kempf: Mar. 2
  • Literary Arts Lab Chicago: Mar. 31-Apr. 3
Events eligible for Maroon Cup points are notated with an asterisk.