Meet the Class of 2021

During Convocation Weekend, 1,600 College students from the Class of 2021 joined together from locations around the world to be recognized during the University of Chicago’s 534th Convocation. Learn more below about their personal stories, extraordinary accomplishments, and notable contributions to UChicago’s community of scholars. They have made their University tremendously proud. 

#UChicago2021 Stories

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Adonia Kouadio

Major: Comparative human development | Minor: Education and society

David Mendieta

Major: Public policy

Ege Yalcindag

Major: Biological sciences | Minor: French

Eliana Melmed

Major: Public policy | Minor: Media arts and design

Emily Robb

Class Day speaker
Majors: Philosophy, political science | Chicago Studies Certificate

Emma Griffith

Majors: Law, letters, and society

Fady Shokry

Major: Economics | Minor: Inequality, social problems, and change

Genevieve De Gange

Majors: Creative writing, French

Giovanna Gari

Major: Psychology | Minor: Education and society

Heather Weller

Major: Public policy | Minor: Human rights

Itzel Velázquez Sánchez

Majors: Neuroscience, psychology

Jason Lalljee

Majors: Political science, English language and literature

Justine Shih

Class Day speaker
Majors: Neuroscience, music

Katherine Beavis

Majors: Classical studies, art history | Minor: Health and society

Kiana Hobbs

Major: Computer science | Minor: Media arts and design

Kimberly Ho

Majors: Chemistry, biological chemistry, English

Michael Wang

Majors: Economics, history

Raven Rainey

Major: Political science | Minor: Art history

Rodrigo Estrada

Class Day speaker
Joint B.A./M.A. in economics and international relations