Voluntary Leave of Absence

Students will normally receive permission to take a voluntary leave of absence for up to eight consecutive quarters or eight cumulative quarters if more than one leave is taken. In view of the nature and rigor of the academic program, it is the College’s expectation that students will not exceed eight cumulative quarters of leave over the course of their time as a program participant, unless otherwise provided for by this policy.

Students who have exceeded eight consecutive or cumulative quarters of approved leave ordinarily will be administratively withdrawn effective at the end of the eighth quarter. Petitions may be granted to extend a leave for up to 12 cumulative quarters for students fulfilling a military service requirement, religious obligations, as a reasonable accommodation for a disability, or otherwise as required by law.  Students seeking an exception to the 8-quarter maximum must petition the College Dean of Students no later than the end of the eighth quarter of leave.

Students planning any leave should promptly consult with their College adviser and also arrange to meet with one of the deans in the Office of the Dean of Students in the College as soon as the need for the leave arises (for more information see Requesting a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal). For full tuition refund, a leave of absence must be arranged no later than the Friday of first week of the quarter that a student is going to be on leave. For the tuition refund schedule, visit the Office of the Bursar. Other charges (room, board, course materials, etc.) may still apply and any refunds will be prorated accordingly.

Students on financial aid should review their awards with the Office of College Aid before deciding on a leave of absence. See Financial Aid and LOA.

Students on LOA who do not participate in U-SHIP at the time the leave is processed do not have access to the Student Health Service (SHS) and Student Counseling Service (SCS) .

For more information on health insurance and a leave of absence see the Student Manual.

Note: Students cannot resume studies in the College if they have received a bachelor’s or an advanced degree elsewhere.

See Returning to the College from a Leave or Withdrawal and Petitioning the Committee on the Resumption of Studies.