Taking Time Away

Support While Away

To help students continue to meet their personal, academic and career goals while they are away from the College, there are a variety of resources that students may continue to take advantage of both on campus and remotely. Learn more below about what is available to students while away and how to connect with the College and University to stay in the know about news and updates across the UChicago community:

    Students on LOA who do not participate in U-SHIP at the time the leave is processed do not have access to UChicago Student Wellness.

    Students on leave of absence for medical reasons are eligible to utilize UChicago Student Wellness, and will be automatically assessed the student life fee each quarter of the leave of absence. Students who will reside more than 50 miles from campus during the leave of absence for medical reasons may request an exemption of the Student Life Fee by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students.

    For more information on health insurance and a leave of absence see the Student Manual.

    Students on voluntary leave of absence do not attend classes; cannot hold work-study positions or maintain on-campus employment; cannot live in University housing; and cannot participate in Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) activities that are not otherwise open or available to the public.

    Students on a leave of absence will continue to have access to most Career Advancement services, including career advising, employer events, University-sponsored internship programs, and the UChicago Handshake database.

    Students who would like to maintain access to the library should indicate their interest on the leave of absence form. Once their leave begins, they can request a temporary access card from the ID & Privileges Office located in Regenstein Library. Students wishing to use gym facilities while on leave should contact membership services at Ratner Athletic Center to learn more about their membership options.

    Email remains accessible. After one year, all mail files, personal webpages, and online directory data are deleted. For questions, contact the resumptions@uchicago.edu.

    Students on financial aid should review their awards with the Office of Financial Aid before deciding on a leave of absence. Any questions about billing, please contact the Office of the Bursar

    Students considering enrollment in another institution while on leave of absence should discuss their academic plans with their academic adviser. The Transfer Credit page on this site provides guidelines for transferring credit back to the University. 

    Note: Students cannot resume studies in the College if they have received a bachelor’s or an advanced degree elsewhere.