A group of students wearing caps and gowns clap and cheer, while one takes a selfie with a cell phone.

Student Services

Office of the Dean of Students in the College

To thrive in a college fueled by rigorous inquiry, students need professional support for taking intellectual risks. The Office of the Dean of Students in the College offers individualized services that support students, their academic success, and their holistic development. The intention is for College students to leave the University of Chicago with the skills necessary to become resilient problem solvers, engaged citizens, and capable scholars, equipped to further explore and success on their chosen paths and in navigating the complexities of the world.

Four Areas of Support and Resources

Inclusive of four areas of focus, the Office of the Dean of Students in the College provides student development professionals and resources to educate and empower undergraduates in identifying, pursuing, and advancing their individual academic, personal, and professional ambitions.

College Academic Advising Office

A dedicated team of academic advisers who provide expertise that equips students to navigate the curriculum for academic success and utilize College and University resources to achieve personal and professional goals.

Center for College Student Success

Dedicated spaces, resources, and staff to support and celebrate students in the College – particularly those who may identity as first-generation, lower-income, and immigrant – to enhance belonging and well-being.

College Programming and Orientation

Undergraduate events and programming that foster students’ connection to one another and the University community. 

Office of College Community Standards

Student support professionals who promote persistence, well-being, and academic and social integrity, and uphold the standards and expectations of the College and University communities.