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Center for College Student Success

The Center for College Student Success (CCSS) empowers First-Generation and Lower-Income (FLI) students in the College, providing resources and tools that promote student success, and programming and community events that build positive self-identity and a sense of belonging.

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Connect with campus communities and create your support network.

    The Maroon Mentors program connects incoming first-generation, low-income, and/or immigrant (FLI) students with peer upperclassmen mentors. Through weekly informal check-ins, sponsored programs and outings, our mentor families help each other navigate the College environment, providing support and resources to successfully adapt and transition to college life.

    The FLI Network connects students, faculty, administrators, and alumni who identify as first-generation and/or lower-income, and allies with the goal of creating a community of support.  An initiative co-sponsored by CCSS and Student Support Services, the FLI Network creates opportunities for members to learn from one another. It fosters a sense of belonging, inclusion, and resilience in students in order to help them succeed at the University of Chicago. 

    Are you looking for opportunities to connect with other FLI members of the University community?  Join the FLI Network!

    Student Coordinators
    Student coordinators are the first friendly faces you will see as you walk into CCSS, and they ensure the office remains a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. They are knowledgeable about all the resources and upcoming events CCSS has, so do not hesitate to ask them questions or for assistance.

    CCSS partners with Student Support Services and the Office of the Provost to provide resources for students experiencing food insecurity.

    Currently we are able to offer a $50 voucher for Hyde Park Produce or five (5) meal swipes at select dining commons on campus.  

    • Please make a request for support using this brief form.
    • Students are eligible for one voucher or five (5) meal swipes per quarter, excluding summer term. This is intended to be short-term support for students experiencing food insecurity. If you or a student you know could benefit from longer-term support, please contact us to explore additional options.

    • Requests are reviewed during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). For urgent needs or after-hours requests, students may contact the various emergency resources on campus, including the Dean-on-Call program.

    Additional resources will be shared as they become available. 

    If you or someone you know is experiencing unexpected financial difficulties, below are a few resources that may be able to provide additional support:

    • Emergency Funding is available through the Bursar's Emergency Financial Assistance programs for needs that fall outside of the cost of attendance (i.e. cannot be used for paying tuition and fees).
    • Students seeking financial support for medical care received through the UChicago hospital should review the guidelines for the UChicago Medicine Financial Assistance program.
    • The Emergency Fund is a student-led initiative issuing grants for a variety of needs.
    • UChicago Mutual Aid has been a helpful local resource for assorted needs.


    Our University is committed to excellence based on the strength of each individual’s ideas, regardless of status, identity or perspective. Our diverse campus is enriched by our students, staff and scholars who have come from other nations, including those with undocumented immigration status or who qualify for relief under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. We firmly believe that every member of our community is entitled to participate in scholarly, professional and personal pursuits at the University. We recognize that individuals who are not United States citizens face distinctive challenges, and the University is committed to supporting them in numerous ways.

    CCSS is dedicated to supporting undergraduate students with issues related to their immigration status and should be the starting point for students in the College with questions or concerns. Please make an appointment with the CCSS staff to receive support on your personal situation. CCSS strives to maintain your privacy while helping connect you to the resources that you need.


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