Majors and Minors


Just as the Core provides the foundation for addressing key intellectual questions, one’s major program of study is intended to provide a depth of knowledge and sophistication in a defined field of study.

Majors range from nine to 19 courses, depending on the specific requirements of the different departments. When selecting a major, students should carefully review the requirements as described in the College Catalog.


Minors permit students to use their free electives with intellectual effectiveness and precision—to take a cohesive set of courses that complement studies in one’s major or to explore an unrelated area of intellectual interest.

Minors typically require five to seven courses and are counted towards one’s electives. Each program outlines its particular requirements for a minor, so check the College Catalog for more information and a complete list of available minors. Minors are not available in all academic departments, yet some minors do not have a corresponding major.