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Social Sciences Collegiate Division

The Social Sciences Collegiate Division (SSCD) is home to the undergraduate curriculum in the social sciences. Our 16 programs immerse students in the full range of social scientific inquiry, exploring the conceptual frameworks, theories, and methodologies essential to understanding the economic, political, cultural, and psychological phenomena by which human communities organize themselves. This encounter with foundational concepts is defined by an open and critical exchange of ideas, the practice of careful reading, precise writing, and engaging debate.

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Core Sequences

The Social Sciences core sequences use different methods, theories, and concepts to interrogate the structures of human society. Framed to spark robust questioning and uphold an open exchange of ideas, SOSC courses are seminar style classes, which introduce students to foundational works in the social sciences.

The Civilizations core sequences focus on the historical development of world civilizations. Structured by the study of primary archival materials, these seminar style courses teach students to write and analyze historical narratives and arguments.  Many students choose to explore civilizations in situ, completing these sequences in one of UChicago's many study abroad programs.

Programs of Study

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