Physical Sciences Collegiate Division

The work of the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division encompasses two major areas of intellectual endeavor: the disciplines concerned with theoretical, observational, and experimental studies of the inanimate environment (from the submicroscopic to the cosmic), and those concerned with the languages of quantitative reasoning—computer science, mathematics, and statistics.

The Division provides six sequences that introduce the various disciplines in the physical sciences as well as yearlong sequences in chemistry or physics required of students who choose to concentrate in one of the natural sciences. We also provide a wide range of basic courses in the mathematical sciences.

There are seven majors that lead to the B.A. degree and eight to the B.S. degree. Biological chemistry is offered jointly by the Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences Collegiate Divisions.

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Stuart Kurtz
Master, Physical Sciences Collegiate Division
Harper Memorial Library 235

Susan Rueth
Administrative Assistant
Harper Memorial Library 235

The Physical Sciences Teaching Prize

Open to Grad Student Lecturers and Grad Student Teaching Assistants in the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division
Each year the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division and the Physical Sciences Division present a teaching prize to a graduate student in the Division in recognition of exceptional teaching of undergraduates. This prize is open to graduate student Lecturers and Teaching Assistants in undergraduate physical science classes. Eligible classes are: all classes in Physical Sciences (PHSC), Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geophysical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Molecular Engineering. The prize, $750 and a certificate, is awarded annually to the nominated graduate student judged to have been most effective in undergraduate instruction in a physical science course during the previous year (Spring Quarter 2015 through Winter Quarter 2016).

Up to three prizes will be awarded each year. Nominations may be made by any University-affiliated person, but emphasis will be given to nominations by undergraduates. Independent multiple nominations of the same graduate student will receive special consideration in the evaluation process. The most effective letters are those that indicate specific ways in which the graduate student has been particularly effective in his or her learning environment.

Nominations, which should consist of a typewritten page outlining the graduate student’s contributions to undergraduate education either as grad student Lecturer or Teaching Assistant, signed by the nominators, may be delivered to the office of Stuart Kurtz, Master, Physical Sciences Collegiate Division, Harper Room 235 Nominations may also be submitted by email to Susan Rueth at Nominations must be received no later than the first Monday after the eleventh week of the quarter.

Summer Positions for Majors

We encourage you to seek summer positions that allow you to gain experience and further your education outside the classroom. The following links provide information on employment opportunities for undergraduates:

Career Advancement
Fellowships, Research opportunities and Grants

Joint BA/MS

Biological Chemistry: B.S. Biological Chemistry/M.S. Chemistry
Chemistry: B.S. /M.S.
Computer Science: B.A./M.S.
Mathematics: B.A. (B.S.)/M.S.
Statistics: B.A./M.S.