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Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts

The Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago is an interdisciplinary organization of both Senior and Collegiate fellows, dedicated to promoting liberal arts teaching and scholarship.

Harper-Schmidt Fellows at the University of Chicago teach courses in the College Core in Arts, Civilization Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences. These Collegiate Fellows receive four year appointments as Collegiate Assistant Professors. Senior Fellows are regular faculty at the University who are appointed to the Society of Fellows for their association with Collegiate Fellows as either Chairs of the Core Courses or Front Table Mentors of individual fellows.

The purpose of the Society is to promote the intellectual well-being of its members, to encourage professional and intellectual discourse, to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, both within the Society and across the University as a whole, and to help maintain the high standard of teaching in the College. The Society meets regularly for discussion of work by its members and by distinguished visitors. It also sponsors regular conferences and events focused on cross-disciplinary subjects.

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How to become a Fellow

Every year the Society welcomes new members that are selected in a highly competitive process.  Successful candidates demonstrate excellence not only in their original scholarship but also in their teaching. Applications for Junior Fellowships are accepted each autumn.  Those wishing to apply can find information through the link at left or below.

Online Application website: