A large group of students sit in the pews of a chapel listening to a speaker. Flags for The College and the Class of '22 are displayed.

College Programming and Orientation

Online Orientation

Online Orientation is designed to help incoming students develop foundational knowledge of the University’s values, expectations, structures, and resource. Before you arrive, you’ll receive Orientation Newsletters, online learning modules, virtual webinars, and access to your UCMP Peer Mentor.

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Online Orientation Overview

    The College communicates with students often throughout their time at UChicago. This communication begins the summer before your first year. Communications will be sent directly to your UChicago email address

    To view the 2024 orientation communications  and access archived content, visit the Incoming Student Communications website

    The Online Orientation course is designed to help incoming students and families develop foundational knowledge of the University's values, expectations, structures, and resources. As each new module is released, students will have access to various pages of content, videos, interactive activities, assignments, and more to assist with your transition to the University of Chicago. Incoming students are required to the mandatory modules by move-in. We encourage students to complete the modules as they are released throughout the summer months. 

    Incoming students can access the online orientation modules by logging into your Canvas account beginning May 13, 2024.

    Throughout the summer, the College will host and promote a variety of virtual events to connect you with campus resources. All webinars, unless otherwise marked, will be recorded and linked to our website. 

    To view the 2024 webinar series, register for upcoming events, and access recorded content, visit the Summer Webinar Series website.


    Stay on track this summer by completing your orientation tasks! To ensure you don’t miss a thing, we have developed a series of to-do lists for you to follow throughout the summer. Some items may be available to be completed ahead of time and others have specific windows of time to complete. 

    To access the full list, visit the Orientation To-Do List website.

    All incoming students are assigned an upper-class peer mentor to aid in their transition the summer before you join us on campus. Your peer mentor can help answer your questions, connect you to important resources, and will host virtual engagement opportunities. New students will be connected with their Peer Mentor in June! 

    To learn more, visit the UChicago Mentoring Program Website.