Interdisciplinary Biology Track: Ecology & Evolution

Provides an in-depth education in ecology and evolution through course work, field work, advanced statistical skills, and research. 

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    BIOS 20198 Biodiversity is taught both during Spring Quarter on the Chicago Campus, and as part of MBL Spring Quarter in Biology


    The following field ecology courses are available to fulfill the requirement in this track:

    Course   Location/Program Quarter 
    BIOS 20196 Ecology and Conservation Chicago Autumn
    BIOS 27710 Ecology MBL - Semester in Environmental Science Autumn
    BIOS 27751 Biological Oceanography MBL - Spring Quarter in Biology Spring
    BIOS 27725 Biogeography MBL - September Term in Biology September Term


    The MBL Spring Quarter application deadline is September 1

    The MBL September Term application deadline is March 1


Experiences & Opportunities

Explore the available opportunities for coursework outside of the classroom.

MBL Spring Quarters in Biology & Neuroscience

The MBL Spring quarter offers students a variety of courses with opportunities in biology, neuroscience, physics, and art. 

MBL Spring Quarter - Biology

MBL Spring Quarter - Neuroscience

MBL September Courses

In September, the College offers five courses at The Marine Biological Laboratory. Each course is taught by UChicago and MBL faculty.


Semester in Environmental Science

During Autumn Quarter, MBL and UChicago partner to offer students a 15-week experience rooted in environmental research, policy, and management through the Semester in Environmental Science (SES) program.

Students learn about ecology on the desert trip

Go Outside!

Research and Fellowship Opportunities

Learn more about the opportunities for research and fellowships in E&E including BSCD Summer Innovation Fellowships and MBL Metcalf Summer Research Fellowships (SURF).

Ecology and Evolution Track Director, Dr. Cathy Pfister


Senior Advisor, Dr. Christine Andrews