Spring Quarter at MBL

Applications for the Biology and Neuroscience programs are now open! Apply HERE

In Spring 2024 we are pleased to be offering two concurrent programs at The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.  The programs are specifically tailored to students interested in the biological sciences and neuroscience.  Students can also customize their schedule by choosing courses from both programs.

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       Module 1

        Module 2

      Module 3

  Students Choose One Students Choose One Students Choose One

BIOS 27750

Stem Cells & Regeneration 

BIOS 20198


BIOS 27751 /

ENSC 25000

Biological Oceanography


NSCI 21510 /


Fundamentals of Synapses

  BIOS 27724 /

NSCI 21515 

Introduction to Imaging for Biological Research

NSCI 21530 /

BIOS 27752

Dynamic Camouflage


PHYS 12400

Physics III


  and (optional) and (optional)  

ARTV 10100*

On Images

ARTV 10100*

On Images


*The art course, On Images, is optional and can be used to fulfill the general education requirement in the Arts.  On Images is taken in addition to the courses chosen in modules 1 and 2.  

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Program Information

    The MBL Spring Quarter will run from March 18 to May 24, 2024.  

    Please note the program continues through UChicago finals week. Students will be able to return to Chicago in time for Class Day and Convocation. 

    Program Fee: $6,000

    The program fee includes all housing, food and course supplies. Travel costs are not included. Need-based financial aid is available, and will be automatically applied to the program fee for students who are accepted into the program.

    Applications for the Biology and Neuroscience programs are now open!

    Apply for both programs HERE 

    Priority Admission Deadline: November 1, 2023

    Rolling Admission Deadline: January 1, 2024