Spring 2020 in the College

Information and resources dedicated to helping College students navigate the impact of COVID-19 on Spring Break and Spring Quarter

The University of Chicago is committed to supporting students as they navigate the many challenges that COVID-19 poses to their academic success and welfare during the Spring Quarter of 2020. This webpage provides the College community with an official and comprehensive source of information for our undergraduate students.


Financial Aid & Tuition

While all Spring Quarter courses will be taught remotely, courses will continue to fully satisfy degree requirements, regardless of the format and length. The Spring Quarter will count toward completion of all degree programs, with regular tuition rates.

We understand that remote instruction will not be the same as the on-campus experience.  Our faculty and other instructors are adapting their courses in creative ways and taking additional measures to teach and work remotely with students in this changed environment. The move to online education is a necessary response to the extraordinary public health crisis that we all face. We also understand that students may want to exercise their option to take a leave of absence.

As long as students maintain the same number of remote learning units/courses as originally planned, financial aid for tuition will not be impacted.

To learn more about resources in place for this transition, please review the following:

Housing & Dining

Comprehensive information about move-out, spring/summer storage, open residence halls and dining facilities and a number of other frequently asked questions is available on the Residence Hall Closure Updates page.

As directed by the Governor of Illinois, the University of Chicago will cease dine-in service for all on-campus dining halls and cafes for the duration of the quarter. For the latest information about the University’s continued provision of food service during Spring Break and Spring Quarter, and meal plans, visit the Dining website and the Maroon Dollars FAQs.

Resources for International Students

We realize that this is an enormously stressful time for many in our community of international students. We are maintaining a variety of support and resources to assist you during this time.

For visa, travel and immigration-related questions, visit the Office of International Affairs' FAQs on Coronavirus. If you have other questions and concerns, please email your designated OIA adviser

Academic Advising

Staff in the College Academic Advising Office stand ready to work with students to make sure their spring quarter is productive and that they continue to make progress in their academic journey. Advisers will be available to meet with all students in the College via phone or Zoom, and will no longer be holding in-person appointments in efforts to maintain the national guidelines for social distancing.

Appointments can be scheduled via collegescheduling.uchicago.edu/. Please note that an adviser on call will not be available remotely during spring quarter. Instead, students should reach out to their adviser directly or email collegeadvising@uchicago.edu.

See below for frequently asked enrollment questions.

You may contact your academic adviser directly (view the directory here) or email collegeadvising@uchicago.edu.

The add/drop deadline for Spring Quarter will account for the one-week delayed start to the quarter, remaining the Friday of third week (April 24, 2020).

Students can still add/drop classes until the Friday of the third week of the quarter (April 24, 2020).

Although classes have shifted to remote learning all other policies remain in place, meaning that College students must register full time with at least three classes (300 units).

Instructors teaching College courses Spring 2020 may publish their Canvas courses and post their syllabi on their Canvas Syllabus pages during Week 1 of the quarter (April 6-13, 2020). Students may access these syllabi in Canvas (but will not see the rest of the Canvas site unless registered). Syllabi will be viewable to shop for classes until April 13, 2020.  Please contact your Academic Adviser or College Advising at collegeadvising@uchicago.edu with questions.

We will not be increasing enrollments in courses. The teaching staff still have to support students and increasing their numbers increases their work and would affect their pedagogical goals.

For Spring 2020, students wishing to enroll in courses with a time conflict should submit their request to the Registrar's Office via the Spring 2020 Simultaneous Enrollment Request form. Please note the restrictions and additional instructions at the top of the form.

Students who do not wish to register for classes Spring Quarter may take a Leave of Absence. The deadline to take a leave is Friday, April 10. For additional information, including enrollment options for fourth years who have completed their course work, please see: https://college.uchicago.edu/advising/policies.


Spring Quarter Grading

In light of the impact of COVID-19 on Spring Quarter, the University of Chicago is increasing the flexibility of current grading practices to support students in the College. This includes expanding the availability of pass / fail grading options.

Students who wish to receive a passing grade rather than a quality grade have one option open to them: Pass/Fail (P/F). Students considering P/F grading should consult with their College adviser early in the quarter because this option is subject to conditions and restrictions. Whether a course with a grade of P can be counted toward a student's degree depends on how it is to be used in the student's program. All electives may be taken P/F, and a limited number of courses satisfying requirements in some majors may be taken P/F. For P/F grading in elective and in limited major courses, the student and instructor reach an informal agreement, at the discretion of the instructor and according to departmental policy, before the instructor submits a grade for the course.

The P grade indicates that the student has submitted sufficient evidence to receive a passing grade. As some departments give credit only for a grade of C– or higher, students should establish with the instructor what constitutes passing work. A mark of P may not later be changed to a quality grade, and a quality grade may not be changed to a P. Although the P confers course credit, it is not calculated in the GPA. Students who do not pass a P/F course receive an F, which counts as a zero in the calculation of the GPA. A grade of F may not be subsequently changed, except when entered in error by the instructor or the registrar.

For this quarter only, some majors and minors may allow some (additional) classes to be taken P/F for use in the major or minor. Consult directly with your College adviser or College Advising collegeadvising@uchicago.edu for more information.

In addition, for this quarter only, students may take general education P/F. The process for requesting P/F grades in core classes is different than requesting P/F grades in electives or major courses, and is outlined below.

Students wishing to take core classes P/F must consult with their College adviser or with College Advising collegeadvising@uchicago.edu. Students may request P/F grading in a core class no earlier than Week 4 of the quarter, and the deadline to request P/F grading is Friday of Week 9. Students should contact their College adviser for additional details.


See below for frequently asked Spring Quarter grading questions.

Yes, in all core classes, across all divisions, the minimum grade to receive a P is C-. In all other (non-core) classes, the threshold for a passing grade is determined by the instructor.

Yes, if a student receives a P in the third quarter of a language class, the grade of P will count toward language competency (for this quarter only).

No, while there is no limit to the number of courses students can take P/F this quarter, students are advised to consult with their Adviser.

No, while there is no limit to the number of core courses students can take P/F this quarter, students are advised to consult with their Adviser.

Although the P confers course credit, it is not calculated in the GPA. Students who do not pass a P/F course receive an F, which counts as a zero in the calculation of the GPA.



Maintaining continuity of education and research is of highest priority for the College during Spring Quarter 2020. Academic resources will remain available through remote means for coursework, independent research and many undergraduate research positions.

The University is moving to remote learning for all undergraduate and graduate courses for Spring Quarter 2020, which will begin April 6. The Learning Remotely website is a centralized source of general resources and information to support students in navigating the transition and maximizing the online educational experience, including tips for adjusting your learning strategy, tutoring programs, well-being services, Title IX guidance, and information for students with disabilities and international students.

In response to the current impacts of COVID-19, and with the health and safety of our community in mind, the University of Chicago is suspending our Paris-based Summer 2020 undergraduate Study Abroad programs.

Our decision is informed by travel restrictions and government-issued stay-at-home orders in both the United States and France – which currently cover most of both countries. While such measures may be eased in the coming months, the uncertainty combined with the need to plan our summer programming well in advance make it untenable to move forward with our summer programming as designed.

The University remains deeply committed to international education and Study Abroad is working directly with students affected by this decision to provide support and guidance.

For more information, reference Study Abroad's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update.

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) will continue to advise students on undergraduate research opportunities, grant processes, and major national fellowships throughout Spring Quarter. All Spring Quarter workshops are now available online and students can register here: https://ccrf.uchicago.edu/information-sessions-workshops-and-series. To set up remote advising appointments with the CCRF, visit https://ccrf.uchicago.edu/contact-us.

For more information about policies pertaining to research grants and opportunities facilitated by the CCRF, please visit CCRF Advising, Support, and Updates: Spring Quarter 2020.  The unit's recommendations for its undergraduate research programs have been made based on the Provost's Research Continuity statement. 

All campus libraries are closed until at least April 30. The Library has extended due dates and will continue to offer online services to University of Chicago community. For updates, read the Library’s coronavirus updates page.

All  Summer Session programs, including Summer QuarterSummer Language InstituteSummer Financial Math and Summer Business Scholars will be transitioned to the remote instruction model for Summer 2020. Visit the Summer Undergraduate website for general program information, or the Current UChicago student page for more details on costs, financial aid, and grading policy.


    Student Services

    Continuing to provide students with access to wellness resources and emergency support remains a priority, both for the large number of students who will remain in Hyde Park and those who will not. Remote options will allow students to connect with staff members through the end of Winter Quarter and continuing on through Spring.

    • Student Health and Counseling Services has shifted primarily to virtual operations, and has expanded options for telehealth and teletherapy. Our services remain available to students, as our clinicians in the Student Health Service and Student Counseling Service have moved to delivering care over the phone or via Zoom. 
    • In order to practice social distancing and minimize the chance of exposure to staff and students, Student Health Service is not accepting walk-in visits at this time. Please check the Wellness site regularly for updates.
    • For appointments or medical advice, including questions about COVID-19, please call Student Health Service at 773.702.4156 for a telehealth appointment with one of our clinicians. If you have any symptoms of an upper respiratory illness, be sure to indicate this when you call.
    • Student Counseling Service urges you to attend to your mental well-being and to reach out to us for support during these challenging times. For all inquiries, call 773.702.9800. Students needing urgent mental health care can speak with clinicians over the phone 24/7 by calling the SCS at 773.702.3625.
    • U-SHIP coverage is valid globally. Check the student insurance website for full details.

    Due to the heightened safety guidelines around social distancing, the Center for College Student Success is moving to supporting students remotely until further notice. While it will be an adjustment not seeing you all in-person or within the CCSS Lounge, know we are still here to support you and can be reached by email and through appointments via Skype, Zoom, or phone. Please click here to schedule an appointment.

    There will also be opportunities to engage and build community virtually with the CCSS community through forums, study breaks, and fun challenges to keep us connected. Please stay tuned by following CCSS on social media and by reviewing our newsletters. If there are questions or suggestions for engagement, do not hesitate to contact us at ccss@uchicago.edu.  

    For more information view the CCSS COVID-19 Update.

    The Provost has announced the University’s plan to support students who hold hourly Federal Work-Study or non-Work-Study jobs for Spring Quarter. 

    We encourage those students who have secured hourly jobs for Spring Quarter to discuss with their supervisors ways in which they can conduct their jobs or other needed work remotely. Students with hourly jobs who are able to work remotely will be paid as previously agreed upon with their supervisors based on hours worked.

    In the event that students are unable to work remotely, the University will help mitigate the impact by making a payment equivalent to six weeks of pay based on projected hours indicated by the supervisor.

    If remote work is not possible or the position can’t move forward as planned, Career Advancement is also happy to help students find another opportunity – please schedule an appointment with a career adviser through UChicago Handshake. 

    Students who are paid by lump-sum stipends should check in with their supervisor or the appropriate grant program administrator with questions about funding.

    Career Advancement will be here to support you throughout Spring Quarter and beyond, no matter where you are in the world.

    During Spring Quarter, you’ll continue to have access to personalized career advising, opportunities to interact with employers, and hands-on professional experiences.

    If you’re a Class of 2020 student interested in graduate school, we invite you to explore special opportunities with select UChicago Master’s and professional programs, including extended application deadlines, standardized testing waivers, and partial tuition scholarships from the College for qualifying programs.

    The Dean-on-Call and Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call programs will continue to remain available to students during remote learning.


    Student Life

    The College is committed to bringing students the support they need, even remotely. To stay up-to-date on the latest Student Life services and events happening virtually during Spring Quarter, visit the Virtual Programming page.

    The University of Chicago is planning a virtual Convocation ceremony for June 2020 rather than holding an in-person event, in response to current guidance from public health officials regarding COVID-19.

    The College will convey the details of its virtual Convocation plans over the next weeks. In the meantime, students should contact their academic advisers with urgent questions or concerns.

    For more information, visit the Convocation 2020 Updates page.

    RSOs are a vital part of the University community and play an important role in the lives of many students. We know that maintaining social networks (even if done remotely) can help provide a sense of normalcy and valuable outlets for sharing feelings and relieving stress. Our hope is that RSOs will find meaningful and innovative ways to engage their members and the campus community.

    For more information, visit the Center for Leadership & Involvement’s update on RSO Activities for Spring Quarter.

    All recreational facilities (Ratner Athletics Center, Henry Crown Field House, Stagg Field Complex and Campus South Field) are closed until at least April 30 in compliance with the Illinois "Stay At Home" executive order. For updates, check the UChicago Athletics facilities page.

    From April 6 to June 6, FitChicago classes will be posted online on the FitChicago Facebook page in one of three formats - Facebook Live, Pre-recorded Video and Written Content. The complete schedule of classes can be found here

    The University of Chicago has canceled all spring seasons. For more information, read UChicago Athletics’ announcement.


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