Student Services

Maroon Mentors

The Maroon Mentors program connects incoming First-generation, Low-income, and/or Immigrant (FLI) students with peer upperclassmen mentors. Through weekly informal check-ins, sponsored programs and outings, our mentor families help each other navigate the College environment, providing support and resources to successfully adapt and transition to college life.

Maroon Mentors seeks to:

  • Support incoming first-year students with their transition to life at UChicago
  • Introduce various campus resources
  • Assist with social adjustment
  • Build community among first-year and continuing students

Mentees are matched with mentors in their 2nd - 4th year at the College and provided the following during their entire first year:

  • Assistance with identifying and utilizing various campus resources
  • One-on-one and small group engagement to assist with navigating the College environment
  • Outings and activities to familiarize students with the College, Hyde Park, and Greater Chicago
  • Sponsored programs to focus on academic, social, and professional development

Mentees are minimally expected to meet the following participation requirements:

  • Attend at least one mentor “family” outing with your mentor
  • Attend at least two Maroon Mentors community building activities each quarter
  • Maintain bi-weekly check ins (texting, e-mails, in-person meetings) with your mentor

Lead Mentors:

Lisette Gonzalez-Flores, 4th Year
David Gonzalez-Velez, 4th year
Alex Duarte, 3rd Year

Peer Mentors (By Class Year):

Berenice Martinez
Kevin Li
Allison Leon

Josselyn Navas 
Adelle Durrell   
Vallary Muhalia


Jochebed Yeboah           
Madeline Wright           
Ylise Minor       
Chioma Nwoye 
Jennifer Cruz    
Yara Oliveira     
Erica Kwok        
Watson Lubin    
Jielu Yu
Elisa Boyer        
Sarahi Rincon Molina    
Angela Marroquin

Mentors are expected to:

  • Maintain on-going communication with mentees
  • Attend mandatory trainings, meetings, and community building events
  • Host mentor family outings with mentees
  • Assist with program/activity planning and facilitation

Mentees are expected to:

  • Maintain open and clear communication with mentor
  • Attend programs as outlined for each quarter
  • Be willing to engage in activities to build community among the Maroon Mentors community