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Phoenix STEM

The Phoenix STEM Scholars Program aims to empower the next generation of STEM leaders in an inclusive environment. Made possible by seed funding from the Neubauer Family Foundation (NFF), the program is designed to engage and support students throughout their undergraduate experience.

The program starts with a pre-orientation “boot camp” for first year students, and then follows the scholars through their graduation from the University of Chicago. Students continue to meet regularly during the academic years to access academic support, mentoring from their peers and faculty, exposure to undergraduate research, assistance in pursuing paid internships and career development coaching, connections to professors in STEM fields, graduate school application guidance, and leadership opportunities within the program.

Our scholars are highly talented, often first-generation low-income students and/or come from under-resourced inner-city and rural high schools. We aim to cultivate a positive environment within STEM for our Scholars; an environment that allows the Scholars to thrive personally and academically. We expect Scholars to be supportive to each other, to communicate about their experiences with their peers and their mentors, and to set high goals for themselves academically and professionally. For more information on the application process, email

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The Phoenix STEM Pre Orientation Program is a transformative two-week initiative designed to empower and prepare students wanting to study STEM related disciplines for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their academic journeys. Find more information on how the program works, and how to apply here

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