College Programming and Orientation

Class Day

Class Day is a student-orchestrated event that celebrates the graduating class, its achievements, and its unique contributions to the UChicago community. Class Day serves as an intimate celebration for graduating seniors to reflect on their undergraduate experience and time in the College. The ceremony features student speeches from members of the graduating class, student and faculty awards, student photo and video montages, and a keynote address.

This year’s Class Day will be held on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 2:00p.m. on the Main Quadrangle. More information about the ceremony speakers, program, and safety policies will be announced during Spring Quarter 2024.

Class Day Student Speaker Nominations

The planning process for the 538th Convocation is underway. Three students from the graduating class will be selected by their peers to speak during the Class Day Ceremony. Student speakers will present a three-minute speech about their experiences in the College for an audience of faculty, staff, fellow graduates, and their family members. The speech should be able to resonate with each person in the convocation audience and give a balanced recollection of life in the College. A fourth-year student may nominate a peer or themselves; the number of times a student is nominated does not guarantee them a higher consideration than those with fewer nominations. All fourth-year students will receive an email when student speaker nominations are open with further information.

  • Nominations open: TBD - Will open early spring quarter 
  • Nominations close: TBD