College Archived Updates

Update on COVID-19 Cases and Precautions

To: Students in Campus Housing
From: Richard J. Mason, Assistant Vice President for Campus Life and Associate Dean in the College and Sophia Chaknis, Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life and Assistant Dean in the College
Subject: Update on COVID-19 Cases and Precautions
Date:  October 4, 2020

In the last week our Mandatory Surveillance Testing Program has found three new cases among students living on campus, and these students have been moved to isolation housing. Testing has also found additional cases among College students living off-campus. Now is the time for increased vigilance to help prevent further spread. Please remember:

  • Even if no one you know has tested positive, the risk is real and ongoing. You MUST continue all public health precautions.
  • Many students will be completing the University’s stay-at-home requirements or the city-imposed quarantine period in the coming days. While this means you can leave your residence hall, it is more vital than ever to continue following the University’s COVID-19 guidelines, and not to endanger your House community. Please don’t let up – the last thing anyone wants is for you to end up in a 14-day quarantine again, or in isolation as a positive COVID-19 case.
  • We know some students violated the city’s quarantine order, and they have been removed from on-campus housing, as noted in Friday’s COVID-19 update. Anyone who leaves their building while required to be in quarantine (or isolation) could face serious disciplinary consequences.

If you have a COVID-19-related public health concern at any time, please share it with your resident head, adviser, or UCAIR, the University’s incident reporting system.

We know that most students are extremely serious about following the guidelines and helping us all have a successful Autumn Quarter. Thank you for your help in supporting the health and safety of the University community.