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New Student Advising

Welcome to UChicago! This page provides an introduction to Academic Advising for incoming students and will help you prepare for Autumn Quarter registration. The professional Advisers in the College Academic Advising Office will help you pursue your academic interests and plan a program of study leading to a degree. In addition to helping you design your degree program, your adviser can direct you to University resources and services.

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Important Information for Autumn Quarter

College Advisers are here to help you navigate the course selection process and have created reference materials and tools to help you prepare for your first quarter on campus. You will be assigned an Adviser by the end of June and will be able to find your adviser’s contact information and make an appointment with them on your portal.

Before you register for Autumn Quarter courses, it is important that you understand what the requirements are to receive a degree. The UChicago undergraduate degree has three main components: general education requirements (commonly known as The Core), your major, and general electives. 

Review the requirements necessary to earn an undergraduate degree at UChicago here.

Take the math and all other appropriate online placement tests and submit AP/IB exam scores, if relevant.

Identify the best courses to take this Autumn by reviewing the first quarter schedule information relevant to your area(s) of interest.

Incoming students will register for their courses in a two-step process. Firstly, they will rank their preferred Humanities sequences (as well as Social Sciences, if planning on taking it first year). Later, they will complete pre-registration for the rest of their courses.

Pre-registration for HUMA/SOSC courses will take place from July 13-July 17 (instructions for the first round of Pre-Registration can be found here). Pre-registration for all other courses will take place August 10-August 14.

  • Review the scheduling considerations to help you prepare for the course request process.
  • If you will not have internet access during the Registration periods and will not be able to submit your course requests during this time frame, please contact College Advising as soon as possible.

Contact the College Academic Advising Office with any questions you may have. Once you are assigned to your Academic Adviser, you will be required to meet with them (over the phone or by video conference) between Monday, June 22nd and Monday, August 3rd.

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