Transfer Credit

Current students in the College may take courses at other institutions and transfer these credits back to the University of Chicago, provided the coursework follows the College's transfer guidelines. New transfer students are held to the same expectations for transferring credit. They can find more information in the College Catalog and should read the Information for Transfer Students prior to Orientation.

Grades for courses taken elsewhere do not contribute to the official College grade point average and therefore do not affect eligibility for Dean’s List, general, or departmental honors. Only institution name, year(s) of attendance, and the number of transfer credits approved appear on the University of Chicago transcript. It is likely that an applicant to graduate school or a scholarship will be asked to produce transcripts from all institutions attended.

Procedures for Transfer Credit Approval

  • Discuss plans to transfer courses with your College adviser before registering for the course(s) in question.
  • Petition the Senior Adviser for Curricular Planning in the College for tentative approval of transfer credit before the course begins. If you are petitioning to count a course as a general education requirement, or for your major or minor, there are additional considerations. Please submit your petition for transfer credit online at Petitions must include course information as well as copies of course descriptions or (preferably) syllabi. Petitions that are incomplete or do not include appropriate documentation will be returned.
  • When a decision has been reached, the online petition will be updated and you will receive an email with the outcome of the review and next steps, if applicable. Expect to wait up to two weeks for a decision; petitions for general education requirements may take longer.
  • Once the pre-approved course work is complete, request an official transcript be sent to your College adviser at the University of Chicago, 1116 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL 60637-1513. The telephone number is 773-702-8615. Credit cannot be posted until your transcript has been received. Should course plans change after pre-approval, contact your College adviser immediately.

Selecting Courses for Transfer Credit

See the College Catalog for the full set of rules and guidelines for transfer credit. Students are encouraged to discuss both the petition process and course selection with their College adviser.