Graduate and Professional School Courses

Students in the College may enroll in graduate courses, subject to availability and instructor consent. Some professional school courses are open to undergraduates by petition only. In all cases, the registration, class schedules, and exam policies for these courses are those of the graduate or professional school: undergraduate students are expected to follow the rules, procedures, and deadlines of the divisions or professional schools in which they are registered. First-year students in the College may not register for professional school classes.

Students who plan to take graduate-level or professional school courses should first consult their College Adviser. Students in the College are limited to six professional school course registrations (whether or not the courses are completed), and only four may be counted toward the 42 credits required in an undergraduate program. 

Please Note: Courses taken in graduate/professional school courses are not notated as such on the official transcript, although the transcript includes a key to understanding course codes. Grades awarded for professional school classes will be considered by admissions committees in any subsequent application to graduate or professional school.