Tools & Forms

A number of forms and documents are available to College students. Some of these are also available in hard copy at the College Advising Reception Desk on the second floor of Harper Memorial Library.

Tools, Forms & Documents

Use this form to request exemption or special consideration from various College rules and requirements. See the second page of the form for instructions.

College Student Registration Consent Form

This form is for College students to add closed classes or those that require consent or pre-requisites. These forms can be submitted once the consent period opens (ordinarily, the Wednesday after the end of the quarter).

College Reading & Research Course Form

This form is for students who need to register in a Reading & Research course or independent study course. Note: First-year students may not register for R & R courses except by petition to the Dean of Students. For more information, visit the Registration Procedures page.

Petition for Late Registration Change

This petition is for students who need to make a registration change after the 3rd week Add/Drop deadline has passed. Note: If petitioning for a late add, you must also provide a signed consent form, also available on this page.

Request for Simultaneous Enrollment Form

Students who wish to petition to enroll in courses with a time conflict may submit a petition via the online Simultaneous Enrollment Form. Petitions accepted Monday, March 22 through Friday of the third week of the quarter (the end of the add/drop period).  

Petition for a 5th Course

Students who wish to take a fifth course in a given quarter, pushing them over 400 units of credit, must notify their adviser and formally petition the Dean of Students in the College for permission to do so. Students in their first year of study may not register for more than 400 units. Students on academic probation and transfer students in their first quarter ordinarily may not register for more than 400 units. Petitions are accepted for the current quarter only. Petitions accepted Monday, March 22 through Friday of the third week of the quarter (the end of the add/drop period). 

Incomplete Grade Request Form

This form is for students who wish to request a grade of Incomplete in a course. Students are eligible to request an Incomplete if they have 1. participated actively in the course, 2. completed the majority of the requirements with work that is of a passing quality, and 3. made satisfactory arrangements with the instructor to complete the remaining work. For more information, visit the Incompletes page.

Additional Quarter of Enrollment Petition

This petition is for students who wish to enroll beyond the ordinary twelve quarters of enrollment. Students should consult the College Registration Policies in addition to their College Adviser. Note: No student may enroll in more than thirteen quarters.

Professional School Enrollment Petition

Students who wish to enroll in courses in a professional school other than the Booth School of Business should begin the process as early as they can. This form should be completed only after consulting with your College Adviser. See the section on Graduate and Professional School Courses for details and the second page of the form for instructions.

Leave of Absence Form

In advance of your leave of absence appointment, you may fill out this form to bring with you. Learn more about our Leaves of Absence policies on the Taking Time Away webpage.

Fourth Year Enrollment Status Change

A variety of options are available to fourth year students, including Extended Enrollment Status and “No Further Enrollments Required” status. For more information, visit the Fourth Year Enrollment Options policy page.

Resumption of Studies Form

Students who have been withdrawn from the College or who have been on leave of absence for more than 8 quarters, except as otherwise provided for in this policy (see Leaves of Absence) are required to submit a completed Petition to Resume Studies along with supporting materials eight weeks prior to the start of the quarter of intended return. The petition will be reviewed by the Committee on the Resumption of Studies, which will exercise reasoned judgment in deciding whether the resumption of studies is appropriate. The results of the review will be timely communicated in writing to the student upon completion of the review. The College is not obliged to approve student resumption petitions. The decision of the Committee on the Resumption of Studies is final and unreviewable.

In cases where a student’s leave involves medical conditions, the resumption of studies is contingent upon the condition being resolved or managed successfully. In order to protect the student’s privacy, the Dean of Students (or designee) will consider germane medical and other information available, including information provided in a timely manner by the student, before the petition is forwarded to the Academic Standing Committee. See the Resuming Studies webpage for more information. Upon return, students are expected to complete the requirements for the degree without further interruption.

Minor Consent Form

This form must be completed and approved by the department before a minor can be officially declared. The form is due by the end of the student's third year.

Single Bachelor's Paper for Two Majors Petition

Must be completed by both departments. Due by the end of Autumn Quarter of fourth year.

Biological Sciences B.S. Degree Faculty Consent Form

Students who wish to graduate with a B.S. in the Biological Sciences must submit a B.S. thesis proposal by the fifth week of Spring Quarter in their third year.

Language Petition

This form is for students who have lived and gone to school in another culture and wish to document that for their language competency requirement, and for students who wish to get credit for language courses in the second year and beyond after taking a course they placed into.

Language Placement Form

This form is to be used by language coordinators and placement contacts to report a placement determined by consultation or a change in placement.

Transfer Credit Petition

Use this form to request credit for a  course in which you plan to enroll outside of the University of Chicago. The rules for transferring credit can be found in the College Catalog. (Students with inactive logins should use the PDF version of the transfer petition form.)

Degree Program Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan your degree requirements.

Four-Year Plan Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan your courses for your four years in the College.

Weekly Time Schedule Chart

Use this worksheet to plan your schedule of courses within a given quarter.

Students in the College are required to forward their email to another account, such as Gmail. To set up your email forwarding, visit the Forward Your UChicago Email site for instructions.

In order to protect student personal information, all students in the College are required to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to access University email and systems. Students can set up their 2FA here.

Students on a leave of absence retain access to University email and many systems such as GSuite.

Students who have been placed on academic or disciplinary suspension may retain email forwarding. Even though a student may already have email forwarding set-up, once a suspension has begun, a student must reestablish email forwarding from the My Account page.

Getting Tech Help

Students who need tech help regarding email or account access can contact ITServices support: 773.702.5800 or

Students may also drop by the TechBar in the Regenstein Library for in-person help during business hours.