For Incoming Transfer Students

Transfer students play an integral role in the life of the College.  Your experiences at other institutions contribute to the vitality and diversity of our student body both inside and outside of the classroom. Orientation is a time for you to learn more about your new academic home and get organized to begin your studies at UChicago. O-Week is mandatory for transfer students, and we will have some specific programs designed to help introduce you to the College and answer questions you might have about your time here.

Below you will find some additional information for transfer students. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact the College Academic Advising Office at

Additional Information

    In order for credits earned at previous institutions to be evaluated here at UChicago, you will need to submit the following through the College Admissions Office: final transcripts from all institutions you’ve attended, the completed Transfer of Credit Form identifying the courses you’re submitting for evaluation, and syllabi for all such courses. Admissions will send you additional information about this after your offer of admission. You Transfer of Credit form and syllabi must be received within a week of your admissions offer if you would like to receive an initial credit evaluation by your reply deadline.

    This initial evaluation is tentative and will focus on general credit only. A final evaluation later in the summer will depend on the receipt of your official final college transcript(s) and will include more information on specific approval for major or Core credit. All materials required for your final evaluation, including final transcripts as well as any additional courses or syllabi that you would like included, must be received by June 15.

    Courses undergo evaluation by a series of individuals, which can take much of the summer. Therefore, failure to return these materials by June 15 may result in a delayed transfer credit evaluation and prevent you from participating in pre-registration for Autumn courses. You should also have official test scores (AP, IB, A-Level) sent to the University and submit all other materials, including placement tests, required for incoming first year students.

    You can learn more about Transfer Credit in the Transfer Credit section of the College Catalog.

    In May, all incoming students will find a link in their my.uchicago portal to access the Mathematics, Chemistry, and Language placement tests. The Mathematics Placement Test should be taken by all students. For students who have taken Chemistry or Physics at their previous institution, an accreditation exam is offered early in Autumn quarter. More information can be found in the Placement Tests section of this New Student Advising website.

    All new students start in the system as “first-years,” with an anticipated graduation date four years from matriculation at your first institution. Over the course of the year, you and your adviser will formulate your plan of study for both remaining general education and major requirements.

    You are not required to have a major declared before matriculation into the College. If you have already declared an intended major but those plans change prior to matriculation, please be in contact with the College Academic Advising Office, as this might impact your credit evaluation. Once you matriculate into the College, you should talk to your adviser about formally declaring a major or minor.

    Students will be assigned a window in August in which to pre-register for Autumn courses. This is one reason why getting your transfer evaluation materials in on time is so crucial: so that you will have an accurate sense of which courses you'll want to request. In the meantime you can review the College Catalog and the instructions on the New Student Advising site.

    If you have any questions over the summer you can write to (though we cannot give you a transfer evaluation before we've received your materials).