Fundamentals: Issues and Texts

The Fundamentals: Issues and Texts program brings undergraduates together with some of UChicago’s most distinguished professors in fields from the humanities and social sciences. Working with a faculty adviser, students develop their own program of study. Students’ questions trigger course selection. Recent examples: “How does telling a story shape a life?” “Is there a just war?” “Is the family a natural or cultural institution?” and “What is marriage?

Note on Applications to Fundamentals:

Second-years and transfer students may apply to the program by November 15, 2021. First-years may apply by May 2, 2022. Find the Autumn 2021 Application here. 

The annual Power of Books Colloquium, which serves to introduce prospective applicants to Fundamentals with presentations by faculty members, is an information session on the major, and an opportunity to meet current majors. 

Fundamentals Program Overview

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