Fundamentals: Students

These are our current students and their Fundamentals Questions. 

Name Year Question
Jo Blankson 4  

Daphne de Beistegui 

Jonah Estabrook



 Does art escape philosophy? 

What is modern subjectivity? 

Andrew Farry 4 What Is the wilderness? 
Noah Hermes de Boor 4 At what point is something owed? 
Jack Howard 4 Where does ideology come from? 
Max Lehman-Ludwig 4 How does suffering inform our relationship to the self and society? 
Jonah Kaye 4 What is heresy and what is the relationship between heresy and dogma? 
Irene Li 4 Can there be a correct understanding of love?  
Edgar Lin 4 How much are we each personally obliged to question our ethical beliefs? 
Jack Michalak 4 Is there an escape from power? 
Mary Mouton 4 What Is the past and how do we know it? 
Deven Mukkamala 4 How may I live well? 
Rory Nevins 4 What does immortality mean? 
Gabriel Sánchez Ainsa  4 Why is the good life shared with others?  
Jeremiah Sears 4 What is poetry? 
Julian Stuart-Barnes 4 How do ghosts influence art? 
Felipe Urrutia 4 What is an architecture? 
Kim Vance 4 How do we reconcile the self and the other? 
Zeff Worley 4 What draws one to self-imposed exile? 
Kian Yoo-Sharifi 4 What constitutes a moral movement? 
Henry Zhao 4 Where is truth? 
Jared Zuker 4 Can anything be truly original? 
Carter Beckstein  3 How do guilt and pleasure shape day-to-day choices? 
Marc de Fontnouvelle 3  Is there a radical idea? 
Erica Hogan 3 What are the structural causes of human suffering? 
Madeline Khal 3 What are the structural causes of human suffering? 
Sage Kelly 3  What does it mean to contribute?
Bella Ortega 3 What is genius? 
Emily Pelliccia 3 What is self-creation? 
Timothy Ren 3 How do cultural artifacts communicate a given culture's mythos and ethos? 
Aidan Stenson 3 How do beings relate to time? 
Jeffrey Sun 3 How does fiction help me confront reality? 
Zijin Xiao 3 What constitutes a self? 
Lena Diasti 3
How do the construction of IT and social networks transform individuals’ ability to understand their social identities and form community? 
Yuki Chen 2 How does imagination shape a life?
Mason Geller 2 What can an account of revolution be?
Olivia Gross 2 How do we agreeably disagree? 
Finn Hartnett 2 What is the significance of the ocean? 
Emma Janssen 2 Can people change? 
Clark Kovacs 2 What meaning has my finite existence in an infinite universe? 
Olivia Lai 2  How do we deal with the suffering that arises from encounters with the absurd? 
Ian Olson 2 What does writing accomplish? 
Nathan Sander 2 How can one understand the idea of Worldview, and how is it used by people, ideologies, and nations? 
Nick Schwarz 2 Why do we recreate ourselves?