These are our current students and their Fundamentals Questions. 

Name Year Question  
Daphne de Beistegui 4 How can Art escape Philosophy  
Levi Freedman 4 What does it mean to lead a good life?   
Max Lehman-Ludwig 4 How does suffering inform our relationship to the self and society?   
Jeffrey Sun 4 How does fiction help me confront reality?   
Shelsea Bautista Mateo 4 What defines or makes a human?  
Yuki Chen 4 How does imagination shape a life?  
Conrad Farinola 4 What is a human being?  
Mason Geller, Studying at Trinity College, Cambridge 2022-23 4 What can an account of revolution be?  
Surya Gowda 4 Who is exceptional?  
Olivia Gross, Studying at Oxford University, 2022-2023 4 How do we agreeably disagree?  
Finn Hartnett 4 What is the significance of the ocean?   
Emma Janssen, Studying at Cambridge, 2022-2023 4 Can people change?   
Clark Kovacs 4 What meaning has my finite existence in an infinite universe?  
Olivia Lai 4 How do we deal with the suffering that arises from encounters with the absurd?  
Alexandra LeBaron 4 What does it mean for a story to be true?  
Ferdinand le Galcher Baron 4 How do we cope with uncertainty?  
Glenys McGuire 4 What is revolution and how do we participate?  
Evelyn Li 4 Are things more likely to be true when smart people believe them?  
Suzanna Murawski 4 What follows tradition?  
Rory O'Hollaren 4 Can virtue be taught?  
Ian Olson 4 What does writing accomplish?   
Emily Pellicia 4 What is self-creation?  
Liana Raguso 4 What is the relationship between literature and knowledge?  
Katie Rizkalla 4 How should we be judged?  
Nathan Sander 4 How can one understand the idea of Worldview, and how is it used by people, ideologies, and nations?   
Nick Schwarz 4 Why do we recreate ourselves?   
Anushka Somani   4 Is inequality natural?  
Kina Takahashi 4 What does it mean to love?   
Lily Wang 4 In what sense, and to what extent, can we transcend the given?  
Jack Zheng 4 What is an action?  
Alam Alidina  3 Where is the Inviolable Imbalance?  
Henry Cantor  3 How can shame function as a political modality?  
Syd Casey-Willig        3 Is there meaning in the Absurd?  
Benjamin DeMott 3 Who are “the people”?  
Teddy Foley    3 What is Truth?  
Sofie Hobaugh 3 What are the responsibilities of the artist as prophet, and the artist as interpreter?  
Theo Johnson  3 How do aesthetic cultures influence the sorts of interpersonal relationships we form?  
Cecilie Larcher 3 How do we create?  
Colin McNamara-Bordewick   3 How can ethics evolve from ecosystems?  
Nyasha Muwalo 3 How should we cope with crisis amidst inequality?  
Jinhao Pan 3 How to do antiphilosophy?  
Francesco Rahe  3 how can you be both a morally good person and effective, especially in the political sphere?  
Lila Rice 3 Can Church and State ever truly be separate?  
Esme Segall 3 How does the way one structures their argument to “ask what justice is” affect their answer?  
Avinash Sholevar 3 What causes a person to change their mind?  
Julian Stern 3 What is pretentiousness; how has it developed throughout history and art; and how does it function socially?  
Xueqi Sun 3 What is consciousness?  
Yaser Tahboub 3 What is Peace?  
Isaiah Terry     3 How do we create monsters?  
Gertie Zwick-Schachter  3 What forces instigate change?  
Gabriel Brumberg 2 What is performance, why do we perform, and how should we perform?  
Josie Barboriak 2 How can education change how we see?  
Arjan Batth 2 What are the varied formulations and conceptions that encapsulate the multifaceted dimensions of progress and modernity and how is the concept of temporality intricately woven into these frameworks?  
Yufei Chen 2 Who is a hero?  
Kasey Corra 2 To what degree is struggle a necessary element to the human experience?  
Amani Creamer 2 What happens to us after we die, and why do we place so much importance on the answer?  
Charles Deng 2 How does unconsciousness impact our identity?  
Corinne De Syon Why do we tell stories?  
Elizabeth Eck 2 What is the significance of falling in Love?  
Finn Flackett-Levin 2 What is the power of zealotry?  
Kavya Krishnamurthy 2 What does it mean to grow up?  
En Lei 2 What is a group?  
Harris Lencz 2 Am I the Master of My Own Mind?  
Ernest Leong 2 What does it mean to be understood?  
Mac McMillan 2 How Should We Go About Communicating Truth?  
Eli Naftulin 2 What is Gender?  
Alice Owen 2 What resists discipline?  
Anna Perez 2 Can anyone truly be forgiven?  
Declan Rexer 2 How do we approach contradiction?  
Nolan Shaffer 2 Is power ever just?  
Andi Sun 2 Do our narratives of the past liberate or limit our future potential, and in what ways?  
Andre Tse 2 Is nature possible?  
Fabricio Wei 2 What is freedom?  
Emily Wheeler 2 Is there meaning to life without death?  
Benny Wild 2 How Do We Represent Modernity?