Summer Course Work

At UChicago

Many students in the College opt to take courses during the summer session to catch up on their requirements, study a language at an accelerated pace, or just take advantage of some amazing learning opportunities. The Summer Session website provides the details of the program, lists the current offerings, and provides registration information.

Students taking summer classes typically register for one or two classes per session, although those taking a a three-course sequence (such as physics, language, or civilization studies) take only one course per session.

Given the obligations of an accelerated course of study, it is difficult to work more than a few hours per week while taking summer classes, so students who intend to obtain a summer job should plan accordingly.

Summer Language Institute

The Summer Language Institute provides classes to improve proficiency skills, prepare for study abroad, gain reading skills in a language for scholarly research, or learn to read ancient texts in the original. Summer language students enjoy a welcoming setting for experiencing the academic rigor that is the hallmark of the University of Chicago and sharing their passion for knowledge with other likeminded students.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for summer study on a limited basis. Students who receive aid for the Summer Quarter use one remaining aid-eligible quarter. As funds are limited, summer aid is reserved for rising third- and fourth- year students. In general, the Federal Stafford Loan and some external (non-University) scholarships are not available for summer study.

The Application for Summer Quarter Financial Aid and Summer Work Study is available in the Office of College Aid. It is due May 1 and requires the certification of a College adviser, so students should allow several days for the adviser to complete the form.

Summer Study at Another Institution

Students who are considering taking a summer course at another institution should complete the following steps:

  • Read the Transfer Credit Policy with care: it will outline the procedures you need to follow before you take a class to make sure your coursework will transfer to your University of Chicago degree program.
  • Speak to one’s College Adviser about the feasibility of such a plan. The Adviser can answer any questions one might have and help explain the details of the process.