Returning to the College from a LOA or Withdrawal

For students on a leave of absence, the deadline for notifying the Dean of Students in the College about resuming studies is at least six weeks prior to the start of the quarter in which the student intends to return. An email informing the Dean of Students of the planned return and explaining the student’s activities while on leave of absence is sufficient. The Dean of Students in the College, in the case of a leave granted for medical reasons, may require information from a physician or therapist attesting to the readiness of the student to successfully resume studies.

Applying for Readmission

Students who have exceeded eight quarters of approved leave will be involuntarily withdrawn. Students who have been withdrawn from the College are required to submit a completed readmission application along with supporting materials eight weeks prior to the start of the quarter of intended return. Please note: do not use Apple’s “Preview” application to complete this form or it may not display properly; use Acrobat software instead.

The application will be reviewed by the Faculty Committee on College Re-admissions. The results of the review will be communicated at least four weeks in advance of the intended quarter of return. The College is not obliged to approve student re-admissions. Upon return, students are expected to complete the requirements for the degree without further interruption.

Students who intend to resume may also wish to:

Students returning from a LOA or a Withdrawal may be permitted to register for classes during the add/drop period. A resumption of studies conference with their College adviser or a dean is typically required in the first week of the quarter.

Note: Students cannot resume studies in the College if they have received a bachelor’s degree elsewhere.