Returning to the College from a LOA or Withdrawal

For students on a leave of absence, the deadline for notifying the Dean of Students in the College about resuming studies is at least six weeks prior to the start of the quarter in which the student intends to return. Students who have been on leave for more than eight quarters, unless otherwise provided for in this policy (see Voluntary Leave of Absence), or who have been withdrawn either voluntarily or administratively, must petition the Committee on the Resumption of Studies.

For students returning from a leave, notification to the Dean of Students by email is sufficient. The notification must include a statement expressing the student’s intention to return and describing the student’s activities while on leave. In cases where students are granted leaves of absence while on academic probation, the statement must also include an explanation of what conditions contributed to the academic difficulties and how the student will ensure that the same conditions will not be present upon the student’s return.

In cases where a student’s leave involves medical conditions, the resumption of studies is contingent upon the condition being resolved or managed successfully. In making an informed decision to allow a student to resume the student’s studies, the Dean of Students will consider germane medical and other information available, including information provided in a timely manner by the student. The student may be asked to sign a medical records release, and to authorize direct communication between the Student Health Service (SHS) Director (or designee) or Student Counseling Service (SCS) Director (or designee) and the student’s medical provider(s) regarding the circumstances and the student’s medical information, and to authorize the Director to share the substance of those communications with the Dean of Students or others, as appropriate. If a student declines to authorize communications between and among the student’s provider, the Dean of Students, and SCS or SCS Director (or their designees) and/or declines to authorize the release of germane medical records, then the Dean of Students will make the decision after considering all of the available information and will do so without the benefit of information that may be directly germane to the decision. Additional conditions may be required of the student requesting to return depending on the student’s medical condition (e.g. requirements for continued treatment, professional monitoring of the student’s condition by a local treatment team, etc.). In such cases the student will be notified of the additional requirements prior to the student’s return.  Students who need a reasonable accommodation for a disability in conjunction with their return to enrollment should promptly contact Student Disability Services (SDS) and follow the required protocols.

Students on leave who have pending disciplinary cases will not be permitted to resume their studies until the disciplinary case has been resolved. If the time taken to resolve the case, or any sanction imposed as part of the resolution of the disciplinary case, results in a student exceeding the maximum eight quarters of cumulative leave from the College, then the student will need to petition the Committee on the Resumption of Studies in order to return.

Students who decide not to return to the College must formally withdraw their registration. To do so, students should contact the Office of the Dean of Students in the College prior to the end of the first week of the quarter the withdrawal is to begin. At the time of withdrawal, students are advised of the conditions under which they might resume their studies in the College should they change their minds at a future date. A student who fails to timely withdraw will be administratively withdrawn.

A student who has been withdrawn either voluntarily or administratively must petition the Committee on the Resumption of Studies. The College is not obliged to approve student resumption of studies. Students who are allowed to resume are expected to complete their studies without further interruption.

Students returning from a LOA or a Withdrawal may be permitted to register for classes during the add/drop period. A resumption of studies conference with their College adviser or a dean in the Office of the Dean of Students in the College is typically required in the first week of the quarter.

Note: Students cannot resume studies in the College if they have received a bachelor’s or an advanced degree elsewhere.