Health Insurance and LOA

Students participating in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) at the time a leave is processed may purchase continuation coverage under the plan for up to 12 months while on leave of absence. Application is required through the insurance coordinator in the Admin Building, room 231 or by calling 773-834-4543 (press option #2). The continuation coverage fee is higher for students on leave than for registered students.

Plan participants who go on leave for medical reasons may remain enrolled in U-SHIP at the registered student rate through the remainder of the plan year in which their medical leave of absence was granted (i.e., through August 31). They are also eligible to utilize the Student Care Center and Student Counseling and Resource Service, pending payment of the student life fee.

Students on LOA who do not participate in U-SHIP at the time the leave is processed do not have access to the Student Care Center (SCC) or Student Counseling and Resource Service (SCRS).