Health Insurance and LOA

Students participating in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) at the time a leave is processed may purchase continuation coverage under the plan for up to 12 months while on leave of absence. Application is required through the insurance coordinator in the Woodlawn Social Service Center, 950 E. 61st Street, 3rd Floor or by calling 773-834-4543 (press option #2). The continuation coverage fee is higher for students on leave than for registered students.

Students on Non-Medical Leaves of Absence: Students who take an approved leave of absence (LOA) are ineligible to remain covered under U-SHIP (with the exception of students taking a Parental Relief Leave of Absence, which need not affect U-SHIP coverage). If a student’s registration status is changed to LOA at any point after 5:00pm Central time on Friday of the third week of the quarter and the student was covered by U-SHIP up to the date of the leave, then even though the LOA is backdated effective to the start of the quarter, U-SHIP coverage will remain in place through the end of the quarter in which the LOA was processed, with any assessment for premium remaining in effect.  Furthermore, any student who made a claim on their U-SHIP plan during a particular quarter must remain in U-SHIP for the remainder of that quarter, regardless of when the leave of absence or ineligibility becomes effective. U-SHIP premiums are non-refundable if a student has made claims on the plan at any point during that quarter, nor are premiums pro-ratable.  

Students on Medical Leaves of Absence: Students participating in U-SHIP who take an approved leave of absence for medical reasons (MLOA) may continue coverage in U-SHIP at the registered student rate until the end of the plan year (August 31). Because students are eligible for four (4) quarters of U-SHIP coverage while on a MLOA, if the MLOA crosses academic years, insurance coverage may be provided that crosses two separate plan years, at the premiums rates in effect during those plan periods (i.e., MLOA extending from Spring Quarter through following Winter Quarter).  If the MLOA crosses academic years, the student must notify the on-campus insurance representatives to re-enroll in U-SHIP at the beginning of the new plan year (September 1).

Students on MLOA are also eligible to utilize the Student Care Center and Student Counseling and Resource Service, pending payment of the student life fee.

Students on LOA who do not participate in U-SHIP at the time the leave is processed do not have access to the Student Care Center (SCC) or Student Counseling and Resource Service (SCRS).