Summer Session

Visiting Summer Students

The Summer 2023 application is now open.

Undergraduate and graduate students from around the world can discover the dynamic program and course opportunities for undergraduate students this summer at the University of Chicago through our programs. Students from all over the globe will be exposed to diverse ideas in classrooms taught by world-class faculty and instructors. During class, students are given the chance to take intellectual risks, dive deeper into subject matter, and discuss questions that define "The Life of the Mind."

Programs and Courses

    Visiting graduate and undergraduate students can enroll in undergraduate courses drawn from the regular curriculum of the College at the University of Chicago, and will have access to the same exceptional educational resources that are available to all College students during the regular academic year. All of our classes are taught by distinguished professors and experienced lecturers. In these smaller class settings you will be able to receive personal attention from your professors and get to know other students in your class well.

    Visit the Summer Session page for course availability and details.

    Language proficiency is an invaluable complement to academic and career goals – and summer is an ideal time to fast-track the development of your language skills. The Summer Language Institute offers a variety of course formats to help you reach your language learning goals.  The Summer Language Institute (SLI) has the course for you, whether you need to acquire proficiency skills to prepare to:

    • Study abroad
    • Gain reading skills in a language for scholarly research
    • Learn to read texts in their original language

    SLI in Summer Quarter welcomes:

    • Visiting undergraduate and graduate students
    • Scholars and professionals
    • Academically advanced high school students
    • Current UChicago undergraduate and graduate students

    SLI courses in September Term are only open to UChicago students. 

    Rooted in the University of Chicago Principles of Free Expression, the Parrhesia Summer Academy offers innovative and engaging curricula in the theory and practice of free expression, public discourse, and democratic engagement. Summer classes are taught with the rigor and critical thinking that are the hallmarks of a University of Chicago education.

Costs, Financial Aid, and Refunds

    For details on costs, financial aid, and refund or withdrawal deadlines, see the Summer Quarter page. 


Application and Important Dates

    The application for visiting students is now open.

    For all Summer Session undergraduate offerings, your online application is considered complete when the following materials have been received:

    • Personal Profile
    • Program and Course Selection
    • Transcript for undergraduate career
    • Test Scores (optional for domestic students)
      • International students are required to submit Duolingo English Test, TOEFL, or IELTS scores (see International Students page for details). A copy of the entire report should be provided, not just the final score. 
    • Additional Academic Information is required for applications to programs or courses in Computer Science, Math, Physics, and related fields of study that have academic prerequisites. 
    • Application Fee

    Admitted students for any program must confirm attendance by submitting a $1,000 non-refundable program deposit within seven days of the release of their admissions decision. Students will not be registered for courses or programs until this initial deposit is received. 

    2023 Visiting Undergraduate and Graduate Students Application Deadlines


    Application Fee

    Application Deadline

    Decision Released by

    Priority  $50 Wednesday, Jan. 18 Late February



    Wednesday, March 1




    Thursday, April 6

    Late April 



    Through May 15

    Within three weeks of submission


    * Rolling admissions does not apply for the Summer Language Institute. 

Information for Admitted Students

Remote Learning Essentials Checklist

    Claim your CNET ID after May 1 (you will receive you UChicago ID within a week of admission):

    Claim your Zoom account by June 3.  All registered students must activate their Zoom account to be able to participate in their course. Students must use their official UChicago account to join class meetings; you will not be able to enter meeting rooms using a personal Zoom account, or one that is associated with your regular school.

    Download Cisco AnyConnect to use UChicago VPN (virtual private network), which is needed to access UChicago Library databases. Students residing in China will need to use VPN to access Zoom and Canvas.

    Visit your course Canvas account. Login with your CNET ID at   All Summer Session Canvas sites will be available no later than one week before the first day of your course.  

    • Need help with Canvas? Email or call 773-702-9944 M-F 8:30am to 4:00pm Central US time.

    All Summer Session students new to the University of Chicago should visit    Here you will find information on how to use Zoom, Canvas, and other technical information.

    We strongly recommend you read through the information on this website and to test your access to Zoom and to your course’s Canvas site at least one week before your course starts, so that you are not delayed from participating on the first day of class.

    Use these links to order course books from the U of C Bookstore, starting in late May

    You will need to look up your books to order by course number (available at or If your course does not have any books to purchase listed on the bookstores websites, then your all of your course readings will be uploaded to Canvas or available via electronic reserve through the library.

    You are strongly encouraged to order digital editions. Students with any questions or concerns about ordering books should reach out to the bookstore directly at

    Bear in mind that all outlets, including Amazon, are experiencing shipping delays right now, so please do not assume that you can get physical books quickly from any source. Also, bear in mind that goods shipped outside the U.S. can sit in Customs for an undue length of time. Please use digital resources for your course materials wherever you can, and order any physical books from the bookstore as soon as possible, starting in late May.

    All Summer Session students will have access to remote library resources. Click below to review specific information.

Campus Life

Most Summer 2023 courses are being taught remotely. Visiting students who are in the US and who do not need campus housing may be able to register for in-person courses; no residential options (housing or dining) will be available.