Student Services

A Message from Jay Ellison, Dean of Students in the College

Welcome to the University of Chicago! Each year, as new students arrive on campus, we delight in welcoming them as the newest members of the University’s community of scholars, and eagerly commit to supporting their academic success.

The University of Chicago’s undergraduate education and experience is transformative. From a new student’s first day on campus, they embark on an intellectual journey that includes exploring academic paths, selecting courses, and making decisions that propel their individual path of study.

To thrive in a college fueled by rigorous inquiry, students benefit from professional support as they take scholarly risks. As the dean of students in the College, my interest—and that of my team of dedicated student affairs professionals—is to ensure undergraduate students have an abundance of helpful resources to guide and support their academic and personal success. From College events and programming that foster students’ connections to one another and the University community, to providing a dedicated team of academic advisers who assist students with navigating the curriculum, to offering Centers devoted to students’ well-being and scholarly interests, our staff help College students leave the University of Chicago with the skills necessary to become resilient problem-solvers, engaged citizens and capable scholars, equipped to succeed on their chosen paths.

With every new year, we begin by encouraging College students to ask themselves a series of questions. These include where they want their academic journeys to take them, and what they will accomplish in their studies that they can carry with them—to make impacts in the world as graduates of the College. Students’ answers vary, but no matter what they say, the Office of the Dean of Students in the College helps them aim high. We consider the potential of University of Chicago College students to be limitless and are committed to supporting their intellectual development and success.

Jay Ellison, PhD
Dean of Students in the College