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Health & Wellness

Providing excellent health and wellness services to College students is an important part of UChicago’s commitment to supporting well-being and academic success.

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Student Health and Counseling Services is readily accessible and provides students with comprehensive, student-centered care, including:

  • Medical services: Student Health Service provides students with primary, routine health care, such as physical examinations, as well as acute care for a wide range of complaints. 
  • Mental health services: Student Counseling Service is committed to promoting the mental health and well-being of students by providing accessible, high-quality, culturally sensitive mental health services

Health Promotion and Wellness is committed to enhancing the environment and community at UChicago to promote lifelong behaviors and to empower students to improve their quality of life and reach their highest potential. Wellness programming focuses on a number of topics, including body image awareness, alcohol and drug education, sleep health, safe sex, meditation, and more.

All students registered in an insurance-required program are enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP), administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, unless they waive coverage by providing proof of alternate comparable coverage. If you enrolled in U-SHIP, on-campus U-SHIP coordinators available at uchicagoadvocates@uhcsr.com or 773.834.4543 (option 2) are able to answer questions about covered health benefits and other topics related to U-SHIP.


In addition to Health Promotion and Wellness’s Mindfulness Meditation Course and Retreat, there are a variety of ways and spaces where you can practice mindfulness at UChicago. 

Rockefeller Chapel

Weekly worship of many world religious traditions, concerts, and festivals fill the halls of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, the spiritual and ceremonial center of the University. 

Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life office offers space for reflection, for integrative spiritual practice, and for the religious life of the many world traditions represented on campus.

Student Disability Services offers resources, support, and accommodations for all students with disabilities, helping to facilitate full participation in the UChicago community.

UChicago HELP is a collaborative program within Campus and Student Life made up of a robust set of systems and practices that supports and cares for our students. UChicago HELP assists students in navigating academic and personal difficulties, while also ensuring that University community members (such as faculty, staff, and students) can connect students needing help with assistance in a timely manner.

UChicago HELP is comprised of the Dean-on-Call program, the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call program, and the Bias Education and Support Team (BEST). Additionally, if there is a concern about a student's behavior, health, or well-being, an online report can be sent to the University to assist the student in getting early intervention resources and strategies.