Student Life

O-Team Student Director (SD)

12 positions available

A successful Student Director will possess strong interpersonal skills, superior organizational abilities, a proven record of peer leadership, and a dedicated interest in student life at the University of Chicago. In order to apply to be a Student Director, you must have served previously as an Orientation Leader or Student Director.

Student Director Details

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Student Directors will work closely with the College Programming Office (CPO) to serve as leads for all event preparation for one of the following programs or groups; Campus CrewChicago Urban Explorers (CUE), International Pre-Orientation (IPO), Orientation, and Transfer student initiatives. Each program will have two Student Directors.

Depending on the program you are chosen to work with this will include, leading and managing a group of Orientation Leaders or first-year participants, aiding in the facilitation of all behind the scenes efforts of Pre-Orientation and/or Orientation programming, as well as developing, planning, and implementing aspects of Orientation Team training. Student Directors are also expected to assist with the Student Activities and Resource Fair and Family Weekend during Autumn Quarter.

It is expected that all SDs live on campus throughout the duration of Pre-Orientation programming. All housing and meals during this time are provided by the CPO.

This position is designed for organized and flexible individuals who are willing and able to take initiative, lead peers, and work cooperatively in multiple teams. Applicants for this position must have served as a Student Director or Orientation Leader previously.

  • Hired during O-Team cycle one hiring process

All dates and times are subject to change pending review from the College Programming Office and College Housing. Final dates and times will be provided on your contract. 

  • Participate in Orientation Leader interviews for your specific program.
  • Attend two spring training sessions hosted by the College Programming Office.
  • Report to and attend all of fall training.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of portions of fall training.
  • Be available for and responsive (within 48 hours) to email communications from the College Programming Office and your Orientation Team from hire date through Fall quarter.
  • Not hold other jobs on- or off-campus during Training, Pre-Orientation, and Orientation Week.
  • Serve as a mentor and role model for all Orientation Team staff, other students assisting with Pre-Orientations and Orientation, as well as all new students and their family members.
  • Exhibit and maintain professionalism at all times and on all mediums (email, social media, in person, etc.). You are always a direct reflection of the University of Chicago, the Dean of Students Office, and the College Programming Office.
  • Assist with the registration meeting(s) during Orientation.
  • Assist with day of staffing of the Student Activities Resource Fair
  • Assist with the preparation and execution of Family Weekend
  • Gain valuable pre-professional experience.
  • Work closely with fellow students to shape and develop Pre-Orientation and Orientation.
  • Be permitted to move in early if living in University Housing.
  • Receive complimentary meals during training and throughout Orientation.
  • Receive a custom thank-you gift from the CPO.
  • Receive a stipend.