Student Life

Welcome to the Mergel Funsky FUN Fund

While students in the College pursue knowledge, Mergel Funsky is here to support their pursuit of FUN.

  • The fund supports student-conceived projects and events that are both imaginative and fun.
  • Supported ideas should have a participation of at least 10 students and can take place throughout the year.
  • Each March 4, Mergel celebrates his birthday and Imagination Day with a party.

More details and applications coming soon.

About Mergel

A fun cartoonish drawing of a person in suspenders holding a yellow hard hat.

Mergel Funsky started the FUN Fund to help students in the College have fun. He is 2.5 feet tall and sports a yellow hard hat that reads "Mergel." His six favorite foods are pizza, half-sour pickles, lamb chops, chicken pot pie, marshmallows (preferably toasted) and orange juice.