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Dean’s Fund for Student Life

The Dean’s Fund for Student Life provides students in the College with one-time funding for student life, leadership or public service projects. This fund supports undergraduates in their efforts enrich our College and University culture. The DFSL supports projects that are open to all members of our student body, increase engagement within our neighborhood and reflect the student community’s diversity of interests.

These grants are made possible by the Dean's Fund, which allocates funding for student activities, campus life programs, course experiences, and co-curricular offerings that enhance the undergraduate experience.

Applicants seeking renewable funding should seek the advice of the Center for Leadership and Involvement or their academic department to identify alternative funding sources.

The DFSL does not support research, academic-based projects or participation in academic conferences. Students seeking funding for these activities should consult the Research Grant Programs page of the College Center for Research and Fellowships.   

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Dean’s Fund for Student Life Eligibility and Application Guidelines

    The Dean’s Fund for Student Life supports current students in the College interested in student life endeavors or projects that contribute to the life of the College and University. Grant amounts range from $750–$1,500. A student can receive only one Dean's Fund for Student Life grant over the course of their undergraduate career.

    Eligible projects may be individual student endeavors or group/student organization undertakings, either recognized by the Center for Leadership and Involvement or not.

    Please carefully review all eligibility and application instructions below before beginning your application process.  Any application that does not fully comply with the below requirements, lacks recommendation letters or that is submitted after the stated monthly deadlines, will not be considered. The review committee allows a grace period of one week after the deadline to receive recommendations. Please alert your reference to the deadline when you request their support.

    • Current full-time student in good standing in the College with plans to enroll in the following quarter.
    • Project supported by a UChicago staff or faculty advisor.
    • If the project is being submitted on behalf of a Recognized Student Organization (RSO), advisor in the Center for Leadership and Involvement must be made aware of plan to submit a Dean’s Fund for Student Life application.
    • BA theses or academic research projects will not be funded.
    • Student may not have previously received a Dean’s Fund award.     
      NOTE: Students may only receive Dean’s Fund support once during their College career.
    • Student may not receive funding from another University entity for the same project. 
    • Student must agree to report and confirm fund use before end of the academic year.
    • Student may receive up to $1500 in funding (generally ranges from $750–1500) for upcoming project.     
      NOTE: The Dean’s Fund will not retroactively fund projects
    • Application completion and submission by midnight in accordance with the monthly deadline.     
      NOTE: Last application deadline is April 30
    • Complete DFSL application form which includes:
      • Student biographical data
      • Faculty or staff advisor information
      • Project Title
      • Proposal Summary 
      • Description of Proposed Project
      • Duration of Project
      • Names of Project Collaborators
      • Relevance of Project to Student Life on Campus
      • Request Project Funding
      • Itemized Project Budget 
    • Staff or Faculty Advisor Evaluation: You will need to provide the name and email address for at one staff or faculty advisor. Please confirm with your advisor that they are willing to complete an emailed evaluation form on your behalf prior to submitting your application. If you are submitting an application on an RSO’s behalf, please be sure to list the name and contact information for your advisor in the Center for Leadership and Involvement.
    • Applications for Student Life projects are accepted and reviewed on a monthly basis.
    • Applications must be submitted by midnight on the last day of the following months:
      • October
      • November
      • December
      • January
      • February
      • March
      • April
    • The review committee examines and makes decisions on applications within three weeks following the deadline. Applicants will receive award notifications via email once the committee renders decisions.
    • Apply for the Dean’s Fund for Student Life
    • Application Review Criteria:
      • Quality of application and written material
      • Project viability and feasibility
      • Student preparation that ensures project success and completion
      • Recommendation/evaluation from staff or faculty advisor

    Please contact Dina Ibrahim Rashed, Associate Dean of the College for Academic Affairs at