A panel of students grin and lean forward into microphones.

Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse

Parrhesia (par-uh-ZEE-uh), to speak freely and openly, signifies the Program's commitment to fostering vigorous, inclusive, and productive discourse on campus and in communities. Rooted in the University of Chicago Principles of Free Expression, the Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse offers innovative undergraduate curriculum, programming, and outreach in freedom of expression and the theory and practice of discourse. 

The Program follows a holistic approach to free expression and public discourse, recognizing that the classroom is only one space among many in which students exchange their ideas and views and that free expression must be practiced non scholae, sedvitae. In concentric circles, the Program is structured to radiate outward beyond the immediate space of the University. With an education in discourse, students and graduates of the Parrhesia program learn to engage with and make a difference in their communities.


Courses & Programming

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A large gothic room, the Harper Reading Room, shows students studying at tables with lamps.

Undergraduate Research

Parrhesia offers opportunities for students to research and develop case studies and curricular materials to advance freedom of expression and public discourse. Students interested in becoming involved should contact parrhesia@uchicago.edu.

Parrhesia in Action