Goals of Academic Advising

The goal of academic advising is to help each student follow an individualized path through the curriculum, allowing that student to meet his or her personal, professional, and academic goals.

During the first year, College Advisers help students to select Core Curriculum courses, balance study and extracurricular activities, and think about possible majors. Returning students can expect their College Advisers to provide guidance on campus opportunities like internships, scholarships, and ways to get involved with faculty research. College Advisers also provide guidance on planning a curriculum, choosing a major, and staying on track to graduate.

College Advisers also serve as a primary point of contact with the College. Students should always inform their College Advisers if they are experiencing particular problems in class, suffering health issues that interfere with their studies, or are encountering other unforeseen events that pose a challenge to their academic success. College Advisers work with their students to resolve the issues, often seeking assistance from administrators or partner offices, as necessary.

Beyond academics, College Advisers also provide guidance on achieving personal and professional goals. They often advise students on pursuits outside of the classroom and help students coordinate their academic choices with emerging career goals.