Humanities Collegiate Division

The disciplines of the humanities examine the principal forms of human expression: language, literature, music, visual art, cinema, drama and performance, history, and philosophy. The humanities seek to heighten your awareness to the significant human problems and pleasures of the world while sharpening your perceptions and capacities for creative practice and analytical thinking.

Humanities general education courses give you access to typical genres of literary, historical, and philosophic texts as well as the musical, performative and visual forms. These courses are specifically designed to enhance careful reading, analysis, writing, and argumentation. The Division also offers introductory and advanced training in more than thirty languages.


Christopher Wild
Master, Humanities Collegiate Division
HM 230

Norah O’Donnell
Divisional Administrator
HM 228

Summer Positions for Majors

We encourage you to seek summer positions that allow you to gain experience and further your education outside the classroom. The following links provide information on employment opportunities for undergraduates:

Career Advancement
Fellowships, Research opportunities and Grants