Biological Sciences Collegiate Division

The faculty of the College believes that a sound knowledge of biology is essential for understanding the natural world we live in and for intelligent involvement in solving the most pressing problems of modern life. Therefore, the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division provides courses of study designed to introduce all students to the language of biological inquiry and acquaint them with the four core features of all living things: continuity (genetics), organization, regulation, and evolution.

Although most of the courses beyond the introductory year are meant to serve the biology major, many of these courses appeal to the non-major who is simply interested in some aspect of modern biology in greater detail. Some courses have been designed explicitly for this purpose. The Division also offers a broadly conceived program of study that permits a variety of special emphases from ecology and organismic development to molecular biology.


Jocelyn Malamy
Master, Biological Sciences Collegiate Division
BSLC 300

Kila Roberts
Administrative Assistant
BSLC 328

Biological Sciences Division

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