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Scav Hunt 2013 is finally here!

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While the list doesn’t come out until 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, teams have been preparing for months to compete. We’ve asked UChicago scavvies how their teams prepared for the hunt this year. Snell-Hitchcock and Burton-Judson gave us the scoop on their recent prep:

From Snell-Hitchcock:

As you might imagine, prep for Scav starts early at Snell-Hitchcock. Hustle and bustle around the dorm in early spring foreshadows the chaos of the hunt to come. The two main goals of the team during this time are simple: to create a sense of team unity and excitement for the challenge that lies ahead and to match that enthusiasm with solid planning, logistics, and material preparations.

The challenge of Scav is not limited to the list; in fact, from year to year the biggest challenge might very well be accumulating a sufficient amount of capital and material resources to see us through the hunt. And of course, no Scav Hunt preseason is complete without a few dives in the local trash depositories.  All this, for four short days that only come around once a year, four short days in which we, as a campus, do things no one else does.

—John Bobka, Captain, Class of 2013

From Burton-Judson:

We sent out invitations to everyone in the dorm inviting them to join us at List Release!  We expect a huge turnout and are concerned about the amount of space in HQ to put everyone.  The captains and lieutenants coordinated our schedules for when we have class and work and any other obligations (including a few hours of sleep each night).  Of course, we also goofed off by singing along to our List Release playlist and singing "Call Me Maybe" in Latin.

We plan to carry out everything from the scav storage room in the basement up to HQ.  We're organizing everything based on material, as we did last year, and basically setting up HQ before the hunt.  We'll go over last minute decisions, such as how we're determining what items to spend the budget on, what cheers we're doing at list release, and when we'll have nightly team (and Captains') meetings.  Things are looking very good for the hunt!

—Holly Kassner, Captain, Class of 2015