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Scav 2012 is Here!

Scavhunt 2012 has begun! We've set up a Scav2012 Tumblr page where you can follow all of the action all the way to Judgement Day.

First time Scavvie Kelsey Reid '15 (KR) and Judge Nicholas Cassleman '12 (NC) will be live tweeting here over the next four days.

Contribute via #scav2012 or use the submission form.

160. It’s no secret we think the University of Chicago is terrific, but apparently some people just aren’t convinced. Using string and the architectural nooks and crannies of the Quads, weave an inspirational slogan into a web that would make a Shelob-sized Charlotte proud. Your gossamer propaganda should be spun by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday morning if you want a shot at that blue ribbon. Please make sure not to block walkways or deface buildings with your creations. [30 points, 10 extra points if you wow us with a new design by noon on Friday]

The 2012 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt List, The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt Organization Committee, 13 May 2012