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Read All About It: The Gate

Our "Read All About It" series will look at different student publications on campus that showcase the diversity and talent of our campus.

Title: The Gate: Political Analysis and Opinions from the University of Chicago

Established in: 2013

Editors-in-Chief: Haley Schwab and Liz Stark

Headquarters: The Institute of Politics (IOP)

Craziest/most memorable submission:A Wall Around Hyde Park” by Andrew Fan

How to get involved: Come to the IOP House Sundays at 3 p.m. for editorial hours or email

Where to Find it: The Gate publishes pieces online regularly throughout the summer and academic year at Look for their annual print edition every spring quarter showcasing outstanding pieces from the past year. You can find it at the IOP house.

The Gate, while relatively new on campus, has quickly gained momentum, and is now one of the most popular student publications. In partnership with UChicago’s Institute of Politics (IOP), The Gate is a political online news review, that aims to cover all levels of policy from local to international . Started in 2013, the mainly digital publication began as a way for students to report on major political events around the world. While it began with only a few dedicated writers, the publication soon took off, and the editors have now published works by over 40 different writers on over 100 different topics.

The Gate provides thoughtful analysis and insight into what is happening, not just in our Chicago community, but also in communities across the country and around the world,” said co-editor-in-chief Liz Stark, a fourth year in the College.

The word “politics” doesn’t necessarily just imply the president or the elections. Although there will be a new “Elections” section on their website starting in the fall, Stark says that she wants writers to cover any and all aspects of politics. “We really encourage our writers to write about things they are passionate about–whether that is international affairs, environmental issues, health care, criminal justice reform, and so on.”

The Gate’s partnership with the IOP gives staff members the opportunity to make some very high-profile connections, interviewing people like Senator John McCain, Representative Steve King, former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley and other top politicians.  “Our team has written about some of the most pressing issues of our time and has interviewed key players and prominent leaders in politics,” said third-year and co-editor-in-chief Haley Schwab.

“Team” is certainly the key word. Articles aren’t an individual effort that solely involves the writer. Rather, pitching, writing, and then publishing the piece is a collaborative effort by The Gate’s dedicated editorial staff. “The author, topic editor, editors-in-chief, copy editor, online editor, [and] marketing manager all have their hands in publishing a single piece,” said Schwab. “It really is the teamwork that makes this publication possible.”

To Schwab and Stark, that’s the most fulfilling part of running a student publication. “It is so rewarding to see all of the different moving pieces come together. Each article we publish is the product of hours spent brainstorming, planning, writing, interviewing, and editing, and we are so proud of the work that our team does,” Stark says.

But, The Gate isn’t solely about writing polished news and opinions stories. The staff is hoping to branch out and use their skills to help others. A new partnership between The Gate and the Cook County Department of Corrections will allow interested writers and editors to spearhead monthly writers workshops with Cook County Jail inmates.

So, if you’re a policy junkie or are wondering what your fellow students think about some of the biggest events in politics, be sure to check out The Gate’s work. Or, even better, consider contributing to the local or national conversation by getting involved yourself.