Student Stories

Meet Your Editors

All of the College's content—including Uniquely Chicago profiles, feature stories, and social media—is by students, for students. Get to know the five student editors who are managing College media this year.

Marina Fang, College Media Editor

I'm a third-year majoring in Public Policy Studies and International Studies. Passionate about all things writing and new media, I look forward to showcasing life at the College in innovative ways. Journalism and storytelling have been a big part of my life here. In my spare time, like most UChicago students, I'm usually busy being a nerd or wishing I had a time turner. If you like what you see, follow me on Twitter: @thefanger. (Contact Marina by email:

Gordon Lew, Visual Media Editor

Hey! I'm a third-year majoring in Economics and Philosophy, and I'm also a member of the College debate team. My utility is a function of Instagram likes and time spent arguing about anything, though I really enjoy ironing and napping, too. I love UChicago, but I'm still figuring out how to visually express it. I can't wait to share my take on Gothic architecture and squirrels with you! (Contact Gordon by email:

Kelsey Reid, Study Abroad Media Editor

Hello! I'm a third-year majoring in Public Policy Studies, with a concentration in Urban Poverty and International Development. I'm also unofficially minoring in being a nomad by spending a quarter in London and one in Jerusalem. My favorite things about UChicago include a cup of tea in Hallowed Grounds on a snowy afternoon, doing reading under the cherry blossoms in Harper Quad in the spring, and being a proud member of the fabulous Flint House. (Contact Kelsey by email:

Lindsey Simon, Parents Media Editor

Hi! I'm a third-year in the College double-majoring in Linguistics and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities. A Bay Area native in Chicago, I'm still navigating the brave new world of actual weather, but enjoying the aesthetic possibilities of seasonal fashion accessories. When not doing the student thing, I lead a not-so-secret double life moonlighting as a wedding blogger. My star sign is Taurus and my Druid tree sign is Chestnut. (Contact Lindsey by email:

Austin Ward, Senior Media Editor

I'm a third-year majoring in Law, Letters, & Society and in Economics. I serve as the Senior Media Editor for the College, and last year I worked as the College Media Editor. Besides the College media team, my main activity on campus is MODA, for which I serve as the Sponsorship Manager—responsible for reaching out to companies and working with them to provide products and other goods for our annual Spring Fashion Show (which you should definitely attend!). This year I look forward to expanding our coverage of the many students whose ideas and endeavors enrich the UChicago undergraduate experience. If you have any story suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. (Contact Austin by email: