Student Stories

Meet The College New Media Editors

Much of the College's content—including Uniquely Chicago profiles, feature stories, and social media—is by students, for students. Get to know the five student editors who are managing College media this year.

Hannah Gitlin, College Media Editor

Hi! My name’s Hannah Gitlin, and I’m a 3rd year majoring in Fundamentals: Issues and Texts, which basically means at the end of 4 years I’ll get a degree in learning about the relationship between humor and power. It’s a cool major. Look it up. When I’m not telling people about my major, I’m telling people about how I do mock trial, and when I’m not telling people about how I do mock trial, I’m doing mock trial or watching television, or writing television. I base my sense of self worth on how good I am at social media, which is very. You can follow me on Twitter @gittlz, if that’s your kind of thing. (Contact Hannah by email:

Sarah Langs, College Media Editor

Hi there! I'm a fourth-year majoring in Comparative Human Development with a specialization in Culture & Community. My defining characteristic is "sports," and I love to write, so I tend to combine the two. I've been writing about Maroon Sports since my first year, and I'm now Senior Sports Editor for The Chicago Maroon. I'm also a Senior Interviewer at the Admissions Office. I recently completed the Chicago sports bucket list, attending a home game of each professional team in the area -- Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears. I tweet @SLangsOnSports. (Contact Sarah by email:

Gordon Lew, Visual Media Editor

Hi there! I'm a fourth-year majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy, and I came to Chicago from Brooklyn, New York. I like imagining that my photos incorporate the precision of economics and wonder of philosophy — but if I learned anything in my aesthetic philosophy courses, I know that understanding art is impossible. Regardless, please follow us on Instagram @uchicagocollege, and let me just show you pretty things on campus! (Contact Gordon by email:

William Rhee, Parents Media Editor

Hiya! My name is William and I'm a second year considering a double major in Public Policy and Economics. I adore all things UChicago—be it the campus, the history, the alumni memoirs, etc. — and am thrilled to have the opportunity to express this collective through writing. Interviewing individuals and asking questions are my primary past times, and you can see me around campus working in the College Programming Office or participating in IM Sports. (Contact William by email:

Lindsey Simon, Senior Media Editor

Hey! I’m Lindsey Simon, a fourth-year double-majoring in Linguistics and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities; the thread tying all my studies together is my interest in media, culture, and communication. Writing for the College’s website feels like a perfect fit, and I’m thrilled to be returning as the Senior Media Editor after serving as the Parents Media Editor last year. When I’m not schooling or jobbing, I spend most of my time putting sparkly stuff on my face, telling strangers their horoscopes, and sharing tender moments with my fav pal Joe Regenstein. I tweet about all those things as @landisfarme. (Contact Lindsey by email: