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Herman Sinaiko Memorial

In Memoriam: Herman L. Sinaiko (1929-2011)

Memorial ServiceFriday, November 18, 20114:00pm (seating begins at 3:30pm)Bond Chapel

Individuals unable to attend in person may join us online on UChicago Live.

There will be a reception in the Swift Hall Common Room immediately following the service. 

“In Florence, in the bell tower of the cathedral, there are seven wonderful images made in the Middle Ages by Luca della Robbia. One of them shows an old, bearded Plato face-to-face in argument with a beardless young Aristotle. I mean, they are really going at it, they are so close that their feet are touching. Aristotle is pointing at a book, as if to say, ‘What the hell are all these errors and contradictions in your writings, old man?’ And Plato is pointing to the sky, and yelling right back at him, ‘Forget the damn text, man, think about the big picture, think about the big questions!’ I love that image, it’s all about passionate argument. And it sums up for me what I love about teaching at Chicago — passionate argument.”

— Herman Sinaiko


Luca della robbia relief

Contributions to the Herman Sinaiko Research Fellowship Fund may be sent to:Office of the Dean of the College, 1116 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL 60637.