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Guess Who's Coming to Campus

Second-year Jamie Mermelstein had her mom’s arrival on Friday in mind when she created her crossword puzzle this week. Mermelstein, a lifelong crossword lover, is the current puzzle creator at The Chicago Maroon and this puzzle, titled "Guess Who’s Coming to Campus," is themed for Family Weekend. In the past, she tackled other big campus events like Scav in her weekly puzzles in the Friday edition of The Chicago Maroon. Unlike the creators of syndicated crosswords, she said she has the advantage of including U of C-specific lingo, like SASA or ORSCA, as the answers to her clues. 

Puzzle courtesy of The Chicago Maroon.


Across Down

1  "--- chango!"7  2003 Eddie Murphy Movie* 14  S'pose 15  UChicago-ed 16  Personification of creation* 17  Accumulated wealth 18  Place holder20  Organic dye21  Laptop key24  Theater org.26  Source of sweet airport scents*30  Eureka!31  Look inside?32  Carries back34  Century 21 competitor36  Ending with bi- or tri 38  Wood fastner 39  Destination for the missing parts of the starred clues42  Actor Alan43  Morphine derivative 44  "Do! _____"46  Weepy 48  Landing with tower assistance50  Monopoly properties, abbr.51  Subtitled "Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts"*52  James' "East of Eden" character54  Abnormal growth55  Legal deg.57  "____, With Love"59  Tinieset63  Classic clothing store*67  Clean68  Riverdale's most sought after citizen69  Itunes' most downloaded song for 2010*70  Former Morrocan King

1  As needed, in Rx's2  Stephen, of "V for Vendetta" 3  Outside:Prefix4  Prop for Hamlet5  One enraged by the color rojo6  Type of garage7  To give, in Grenada8  Lakeview, or Lincoln Park9  No way!10  Crowned11  Singer DiFranco12  VCR button13  Thorn of yore 15  "Oracular Spectacular" band19  Common clown prop 21  Jaguar, e.g.22  Donne poem23  Muslim calendar month25  Piano progression27  Cloister28  The ones who got away29  Onetime boom maker31  101133  L.A. to Tucson direction35  Marian's piano student in "The Music Man"37  ___ Beach, Hawai40  Shaq's school41  Kipling python42  Dirt bike's cousin, abbr.45  Alphabet trio47  "____ Pieces", 2004 Velvet Revolver song49  The Clash rocked it53  Sri Lankan sepratists, abbr,54  Shoes favored by children, gardeners, and Mario Batali56  Dandy58  Soprano Petina59  Library sound60  Sex symbol West61  To some degree62  Rams' home abbr.64  Raised eyebrow responses? 65  Sportage maker66  D.C. denizen

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Solution to the Family Weekend crossword