Student Stories

Dinner with 12 Maroons

Every fall the Student Alumni Committee organizes its most popular event of the year: Dinner with 12 Maroons. Over three nights, alumni volunteers host dinners for 12 people: a professor, an alumni guest, and enough undergrads to round out the numbers.

This year the College Newsletter invited itself to dinner at the Victorian row house of Gini Marziani and Gregory Wrobel, AB’75, JD’78, MBA’79. They served up roasted pumpkin-and-apple soup, polenta with fricassee of mushrooms, gelato, and plenty of kind words and good cheer. Here is a sampler of the dinner-party conversation.


A lot of really brilliant mathematicians become philosophers. Alaina Bompiedi, ’15

Does anybody find time for independent reading in addition to their coursework? Greg Wrobel Co-host

I’ve actually met Arley D. Cathey [PhB’50]. He’s just as lovely as you would think. Carrie Golus, AB’91, AM’93 Editor, College Newsletter

Believe it or not, the library has 20 copies of Game of Thrones. Maybe more than 20 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. Ilknur Aliyev, ’15

Were they cows? Or pandas? Zoe Boundy-Singer, ’16

Our family has a tradition that when we sit down to dinner, the youngest gets to say whatever they want before we start eating. Gini Marziani Co-host

I have no memories of fall. I grew up in Hong Kong and it’s always warm. Keyao (Kyle) Pan, ’15

The United States has the best academic system in the world. If I were 18 years old again, I would go to college in the US. Jean Decety Professor of psychology

Do you have Laurie Butler? Do you love Laurie Butler? Her problem sets are due on Monday, so she invites kids over to her house on Sundays to have dinner and talk it over. In her final, two kids were crying. I love Laurie Butler. Sanjay Prakadan, ’14

I think the professors’ concerns are valid… Victoria Wang, ’15

I love Pierce so much. Oh my God. Alex Loube, ’15

We had to mow the lawn before we could go trick-or-treating. Joe Mulligan, AB’07