Housing & Residence Life

International House

1414 E 59th St Chicago, IL 60637

  • 5 Houses
  • Room Types: Singles, Doubles and Triples
  • Dining Hall: Woodlawn Dining Commons
  • Built: 1932

International House at the University of Chicago, founded in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,  is a dynamic program center and residence hall. 

The mission of International House is to promote cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect, and friendship among students and scholars. In addition to serving as a vibrant residential community, International House also serves the greater Chicago community as a cultural and intellectual center for a wide range of diverse programs. Activities range from cultural celebrations and educational programs to discussions and debates on world issues. The hall houses five vibrant communities, each with their own complement of Resident Heads and Resident Assistants, charged with community building. The hall has one Resident Dean couple, who act as intellectual stewards for the residents.

Assistant Director of Residence Life: Rich Diaz

Assistant Director of Operations: Mazurie Wright

Standard Room Furniture:

  • XL Twin Bed
  • Dresser
  • Desk and Chair
  • Wardrobe or Closet
  • Bookshelf

Resident Deans

Craig and Kenyatta Futterman.

Craig and Kenyatta Futterman

Resident Deans International House

Craig Futterman and Kenyatta Tatum Futterman have served as Resident Deans for International House since Autumn 2016.

They have spent many years surrounded by and engaged with University of Chicago students—Craig as a clinical professor at the Law School and Kenyatta first as an academic adviser in the College and now as  Youth Program Coordinator within the Department of Safety & Security’s Office of Risk Management. The couple hopes their role as Resident Deans in International House will “keep us connected, young, challenged at all times, and learning at all times,” Craig says.

Prior to his 2000 faculty appointment to the Law School, Craig—a Chicago native—graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Sociology and Economics, and received his Juris Doctor degree from Stanford University. Kenyatta, who grew up in Kankakee, Illinois, earned her BA in English from Spellman College. She later attended DePaul University, where she received a Juris Doctor degree.

House Communities

  • Breckinridge House Shield
  • Booth House Shield
  • Phoenix House Shield
  • Thompson House Shield
  • Shorey House Shield