Housing & Residence Life

Current Resident Assigments

Open Housing

We are committed to providing all students on-campus housing accommodations that are safe and inclusive. Our office is proud to offer Open Housing, also known as gender neutral/inclusive housing. All multi-occupancy spaces, with the exception of those that are part of a single sex floor or wing, may be occupied by students who prefer open housing accommodations.

Living with students of the opposite sex is a choice and not all students may be comfortable with such arrangements. No student will be assigned to such a space unless they specifically express interest. We also encourage students interested in open housing to discuss their preference with other individuals in their support network, including parents/guardians.

Housing Contract

In order to live on-campus, a student must have a signed (electronic or written) housing contract. The housing contract is legally and financially binding. Once signed, the contract commits a student to living on-campus for an entire academic year, according to the Terms & Conditions of Residency.

Contract terminations initiated by residents, regardless of the reason, are not automatic and require that you adhere to the petition processes described below, or find another eligible student to assume your contract via the contract reassignment process.

Reasons for requesting a termination of your housing contract usually include one of the following:

  • University withdrawal or leave of absence
  • Graduating at the end of the Autumn or Winter quarters
  • Studying abroad
  • Medical/psychological (need-based)
  • Financial (need-based)

Students requesting to terminate their housing contract due to discontinuing enrollment (withdrawal/leave of absence), graduating at the end of the Autumn or Winter quarters, or studying abroad are required to complete the express check-out process through the myHousing portal.

Students requesting to terminate their housing contract due to medical/psychological/financial need are required to schedule a meeting with the Senior Associate Director of Occupancy & Administration to discuss their circumstances. During this meeting, a determination will be made on the viability of success in the housing contract petition process and the student will be advised of next steps. Students should be prepared to provide additional documentation to support their request and may also be referred to other campus offices as part of the petition process.

Study Abroad & Leave of Absence

Students who will be leaving to study abroad will be contacted by our office in the quarter prior to their departure to communicate check-out procedures. Our office will reach out a second time during the quarter students are abroad to provide more information on how to secure on-campus housing after returning from their study abroad program.

During the course of their enrollment, a student may find the need to take a voluntary leave of absence. These decisions generally surround personal situations that require a student to take some time away from campus before resuming their studies. In either case, the student will not be permitted to remain in on-campus housing during their period of leave and must make arrangements to move out of their residence hall within 5 business days of the start of their leave of absence. Our office will communicate departure information via email with students when we are made aware of a change in the student’s enrollment status. Room and meal plan charges will be pro-rated to reflect the amount of time the student was living on-campus. These adjustments will occur after the student has moved out and only once they have submitted all necessary departure materials and our office has confirmed their departure.

Students wishing to return to on-campus housing after a leave of absence should email our office to request a housing contract. Assignments are generally made over break periods (summer, winter, spring) for the following quarter. Our office will make an assignment for these students only after receiving confirmation that they have been approved to resume studies by the College.

While our office makes a concerted effort to consider a student’s housing preferences during the assignment process, we cannot guarantee a student’s return to their former House, Hall, or to a specific room or room type. All of these preferences are influenced by space availability and overall demand for housing.