Jamie Ehrlich

Photo of Jamie Ehrlich.

Managing College Media Editor

Class of 2018

Jamie is a fourth-year in the College majoring in Political Science and is writing her thesis on the suppression of American civil liberties in the digital age. Interested in politics, journalism, advertising, and media, you can often find Jamie on campus running between the Reg and the Chicago Maroon’s office, where she serves as an Editor. Her hobbies include Model UN, playing (and losing at) Boggle with her roommates, and exploring the restaurants of Chicago.

Josh Kaufman sits at the carillon bench in Rockefeller Chapel, hands on the large, wooden, piano-like keys that control the bells.

Students master the art of playing the Rockefeller Chapel carillon through music program.

A Return to Home: Valerie Jarrett Headlines Class Day

Faculty members sit on stage with "The University of Chicago" and the University seal on a curtain behind them. Family members sit in folding chairs set up facing the stage on either side of the stone pathway.

Jarrett to kick off Convocation Weekend with a speech to graduating seniors about global citizenship.

UChicago Sailing Competes in France

Students smile at the camera as they ride on a sailboat.

The UChicago team sailed more than 30 hours over the course of six days.

The entrance to the party with a projection of "the college" on the wall.

In true UChicago fashion, the museum was made open to the students, who could learn about the craters on Jupiter while toasting to their upcoming accomplishments.

Members of the Women in Public Service Project pose for a picture.

Longtime Institute of Politics initiative gives women on campus the resources to effect change.

Model UN Team Goes Undefeated, Ranks First In Country

The Model UN team poses with their awards.

While competing, students learn valuable skills like negotiation, public speaking, teamwork, and formal writing.

Flipside won $20,000 in the New Social Venture Challenge hosted by Booth School of Business.

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