Adia Robinson

Photo of Adia Robinson.

College Media Editor

Class of 2018

Adia is a fourth-year English and Political Science major originally from Washington, DC. Passionate about journalism, in addition to being a College Media Editor, she is also the Politics Editor of the South Side Weekly. She is a member of the Organization of Black Students (OBS), and used to be on the Editorial Board of Blacklight, their literary publication. When she’s not in class or writing, Adia spends her time listening to Beyonce and missing her cats back home.

Alumni Spotlight: Apples and Onions

Two headshot style photos placed side by side. On the left, Hassan S. Ali depicted against a white backdrop. On the right, Aaron Ackermann with foliage in the background

Alumni pursue creative careers at major companies

On the left, Sarah Koenig in a brown shirt with a microphone in the foreground. On the left, Miles Morgan in a collared shirt and sweater

Alumni share their experiences after graduating from the College

Sing it Loud: Voices in Your Head

14 students, the members of Voices in Your Head, pose for a group photo

Voices in Your Head's unique sound reimagines a cappella

Four students participate in a class discussion with their professor

Students are enjoying a wide array of courses in the College's newest major

Hyde Park Rap

Students Ben Glover "Chief Wicked" and Atrician Lumumba "TRIC" performing on a back porch with others.

Students Ben Glover and Atrician Lumumba talk about the rap careers they've developed while at UChicago

Sing It Loud: Run for Cover

The members of Run for Cover, all college-aged men, posing in a room with a blue wall to the left and a white wall with a whiteboard to the right

UChicago's Contemporary All-Male A Cappella group

Sing It Loud: Chicago Aag

A group of students, the members of Chicago Aag, gathered together in a room with white walls and a brown chalkboard on the left side of the image

Chicago Aag fuses a love of music with a love of South Asian culture

No Barriers to Student Success

Students helping each other with various subjects

The Center for College Student Success welcomes and supports underrepresented students

Exploring Paris with Professor Osborn

An image of the Memorial of the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes France. The memorial, large glass walls with lettering on them is to the right of the image, and a figure, a woman in a pink coat with a red backpack, stands slightly left of center.

A chat with Professor Emily Osborn on excursions in her African Civ in Paris course.

Black Excellence: the 2016 Kent Lecture

Director Ryan Coogler gives the 2016 Kent Lecture

Critically acclaimed director Ryan Coogler gives this year's lecture

Networking: The Next Step

A student engages with an alumni panelist at Taking the Next Step

A student's perspective on Taking the Next Step

Students gathered in the 1st floor community lounge of the Center for Identity and Inclusion

The Center for Identity and Inclusion provides a space for marginalized students on campus

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